From muscular to stocky.


Females: 255-265

Males: 260-270


Females: 155-180

Males: 165-205


Females; 260-275

Males: 255-285


Pink skin/White fur








“First sighted hundreds of years ago, but left alone, they did no harm. Then suddenly, from the icy cold cracks and caves of The Rim they swarmed after the Aquerian -destroying everyone and everything in their way.”

Skjald Sejrik



They are like a mix of Ape and Human. with muscular bulging arms, their heads have two large tusks like Walrus, and long fur covers their entire body.

They have been sighted now and then at The Rim and in Darin for hundreds of years. But most often just one or two, keeping their distance, as they seemingly didn’t want any contact. What they lived and how has always been a mystery, but they seemingly just wandered about admiring the sky and landscapes.

Then, when the Aquarian crossed the Rim in The Great Invasion, they swarmed in hundreds at a time. Trailing the Aquarian in their own frenzied hunt, they killed every living soul encountered, so we had to fight them too.

Skjald Valgrif



Studying the chronology of recorded incidents with these Half-Human, we can see they invaded the shores of West Fjella as the first recorded contact, seemingly in the direct path of the Aquerian. Thus, we believe they hunt Aquarians to loot their eggs. But eventually they spread to Dalip, Naldar, and East Fjella prior to landing in and roaming Midgard. So we are not entirely certain that the Aquarian hunt was the sole reason for their coming. But it made sense of the countless observations of Ye’Til scouting the sky.

Skjald El Mary


When they swarmed down from the Rim, many carried rafts, which they used for paddling across to the Southern Isles. But they were also quick to capture any ship or boat at hand. So, soon, a regular swarm of them were advancing castles, cities, and settlements alike across Dalip, the Fjellas, Markeoy, and Midgard. Their thick fur served as armour, protecting against arrows fired and blades slicing. So, when melee took place, they took Humans by surprise as they ignored what would otherwise be crippling wounds.

Skjald Ulrich


They have not been recorded attacking further north than Naldar and the southern shores of Markeoy. It’s also reported that they disliked passing through or fighting in humid, hot swamps. So we assumed that their build, due to their coming from the colder climate of the Rim, was a discomfort to heat. And thus they fought with weapons and Magic fire and steam.

Skjald Sigurd



Every castle cleansed… they are now forced out of the realm.. and back to the Rim.

Where they lick their fangs… in great settlements.

Skjald Kazumix


There is though one colony of Ye’Til cousins still present, as a tribe of them appeared shortly before the Wanderers came, heralding the Third Age. As they traveled all the way up to Spiy, lived there for thousands of years, without conflict with all other races, and stayed neutral during The Great Invasion. Everyone agreed that these, the Yarogryl, should be allowed to continue their mountain colony without intereference.

Skjald Sejrik



Each wave numbered hundreds when they attacked the gargantuan clan castles of Naldar, and when victorious, they settled in the vacant castles. Raising banners in different colours, it became clear to us that they seem to have an organisation similar to the Naldarian houses.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard






They prefer killing Aquerian above anything else.

Skjald Valgrif


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