From muscular to stocky.


Females: 255-265

Males: 260-270


Females: 155-180

Males: 165-205


Females; 260-275

Males: 255-285


Pink skin/White fur







General Description: They are huge apelike humanoids with bulging arms, heads with two large tusks resembling whalerus and long fur covering their body. When the chronology of recorded incidents with these odd half animal half human are studied we notice that they invaded the shores of West Fjella as the first recorded contact. Seemingly in the path of the Aquerian. But eventually they spread to Dalip, Naldar and East Fjella prior to landing in and roaming Midgard.  In the invasion they never have been sighted above Grimsborg

They must have been assembling in numbers at the shores for a while, and coming down from or across The Rim they where quick to capture whatever ships was close. So, soon a regular swarm of them where advancing castles, cities and settlements alike. Their fur acting as armour protecting them against arrows fired and blades slicing. So, when melee took place they took Humans by surprise ignoring wounds believed inflicted.



Environment: They have not been recorded attacking further north than Naldar and the southern shores of Markeoy. It’s also reported that they disliked passing through or fighting in the humid-hot swamps. So we assume that their build is due to them coming from the colder climate of The Rim mountains. And not from a climate similar to The Realm.

El Mary


Organisation: Each wave numbered hundreds when they attacked the gargantuan clan castles of Naldar and when victorious they settled in the vacant castles. Raising banners in different colours, it became clear to us that they seeminly have a organisation similar to the Naldarian houses.



Special: They dislike warm areas, and can endure much. Its been reported that they prefer killing Aquerian above anything else.

Skjald Valgrif