“Falbur, the mighty land that split and birthed Udring.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



First Age

When the Void Gardens which formed Falbur first were laid as a carpet on our World. There were stunning highlands to the West stretching towards Utari, the central part was vast grassy lowlands, and the east was roughlands and rolling foothills all the way to Fogwald.

Various Tribes and mixed communities of many Races, lived and prospered there. Some even built legendary Cities, like the Archaic Ghau'thuli, and the impressive towers of the Kobold city of Gharr T'halic. Both now gone as they, and the sorrounding lands sank in the 1st Cataclysm.

Skjald El Mary


Second Age

As most Races fought, the energies built, the world almost collapsed. Luckily it prevailed, but ten thousands died in the quakes and tilting. Vast areas of the vest sank into the sea, Falbur broke in half in the east, and the mountains stretched out along the crack. Thus came the mountains to be, that ended up separating Falbur from Fogwald, as tribes on either side grew apart.

Slowly the Settlements, due the lack of safe mountain passes, grew apart. Languages, Cultures, and minds changed. Eventually new leaders grasped power, and announced independence. Later all joined in what would become Udring.

Skjald Ulrich


Third Age

A new age was heralded when Wanderers began to flood the docks, taverns and roads. At first passing by, but later they created settlements, and started to multiply and strengthen their positions. The Indigenous and other races was not happy. Conflicts became frequent, eventually ending in a great war, that had but one positive effect. As Ljostari sank and Mt. Vula erupted, the young central mountains to the east collapsed, opening easy travel to their lost eastern lands once more.

Skjald Valgrif


Fourth Age

Finding their eastern lands lost, grown into a nation of their own, was a harder blow than the arrival of Arisen, the later Age of Hordes, the High King fools, and The Realm. Only The Great Invasion was ever a harder blow of Falbur pride and selfunderstanding.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



The lands consist of 5 major parts, the North mountains, Burrla Valley, Falbii Shoreland, Albu Highlands, mountains of the north, and mountains of the south. In the centre, where Burrla Valley, Falbii Shoreland, and Albu Highlands meet, lies Otmors Ridge.

Skjald Sigurd



The Falbur Five-Clover, as they call themselves, are five kings that have emerged to rule the major parts of Falbur since the the realm collapsed; Falbii Shoreland, Burrla Valley, Albu Highlands, and The Mountains. On daily terms they govern their areas, but once every month they meet in the fortress tower at Otmors Ridge, so discuss Falburs situation.




In Albu Highlands, the Albuur Bears are the countrys most sought out meat and fur.


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