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“Cradle of the first Vampire born.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Second Age

As the 1st Cataclysm tilted the world and altered the orbit of both Sun and Moon, as well as disrupted the Astravel grid, Falbur broke in half, and a mighty mountain range spewed forth, sealing off the two halves from each other.

Meanwhile, most had their hands full with the afterchock, which disrupted trade routes and family ties. In fact, people from each country thought the others were destroyed, especially since no one could find passages across the mountains. So with mourning and grief, life resumed, and as time passed, new leaders emerged, claiming lands and locations as their own. Thus a hard time began; conflicts, revolts, coups, and assassinations were daily life, and vampires thrived and gained foothold.

Then caravans and travellers coming from North and South were told that Falbur still existed. In the beginning, some of these mysteriously disappeared, but with time, people came to know the truth, and some packed their things and left. Most, though, accepted the new leaders, and in 67 S.A., the Jarl Agnar Smidz Klemza proclaimed himself ruler over the entire Utilos Cleft and began conquering neighbouring areas. Agnar died 13 years later, at the hands of Otomok Lundall, who claimed all of Agnar’s lands and then continued to conquer them. In 88, Otomok died by assassination, and his nephew Mikka Dallun quickly disposed of rivals and claimed the crown. In 104, Mikka had laid all former Falbur lands under his banner, and in 105, he announced the creation of Udring at a great ceremony.

Mikka turned around and took a step towards his newly carved throne. His uncle Yatar Lundall, Otomok’s youngest brother, jumped ranks and thrust a spear through Mikka’s throat with such force that the head fell off. Yelling that the murder had now been revenged, he picked up the crown, and facing the crowd, he announced himself ruler to honour his brother.

Time passed and showed its toll on all but Yatar, who kept looking strong and fresh, so wispers began to creep in the shadows. Telling of a king embraced by vampires and secretly plotting the enslavement of them all. The Dallun branch of the royals was those most often seen whispering, and in 186, Yatar had enough. But just as he was writing orders of arrest, a crowd led by his Dallun cousins broke into the castle, fought the guard, and eventually faced the hated king in his office.

All guards dead, facing the obstacle for Dallun power once more, they surged forth to first slay Yatar and then murder every Lundall. Yatar, with a mighty roar, counterattacked with inhuman speed, agility, and strength. Such were his slashes and cuts that body halves and limbs were flung across the room. When he grabbed foes, he crushed arms, throats, and heads. His hidden hunger was released, he killed every living foe in the castle, and at last he stood before his sister. The wife of Lundall and mother to many was a now-dead child, and with a twisted grin, he ripped her apart.

Alone in the castle, people afraid to enter the smelling castle, the country declined into chaos. The country fell apart, and many petty kings ruled. It was not until several hundred years later, in 431, that people first dared to enter the castle. The few remaining skeletons witnessed a brutal slaughter, but Yatar was nowhere to be found. Thus, a bold princess had the castle cleaned in 432 and moved in. Soon her small court and her influence grew, and she began plotting to reunite Udring.

Skjald Vinotis


It’s said that one night in 451, when the beautiful princess lay awake at midnight, a Bat flew into her room and changed into a tall, handsome man. Thinking her asleep, he bent over her to embrace her. As he moved her long hair, he could see her breasts and neck, stunned by her beauty and an odd feeling. Then, as he sighed and barred his fangs for the embrace, she moved with vampiric speed and stabbed him in the right eye with her Silver. As he yanked back due to the pain, he felt another devastating pain. In his chest, she had planted a silver dagger deep into his heart. As he fell back and sat panting in pain, eyes flashing and sweat pouring, sitting down across his lap so he could feel her, she said, “Finally, Lundall is revenged” and cut his head off. Then she received his second-generation energies, as well as those of mortal kind.

Almost a year passed, and then Leynella Lundall birthed a daughter. Having a child before marriage was unfitting for a princess, so she stayed unmarried. But as time passed, it became obvious that she did not age, so suddenly one day she left, leaving a restored Udring to her daughter Grylie Kimoa.

Skjald El Mary


Third Age

The Bullheaded God heralded a new age, and with it came many Wanderers. It was said that the bullheaded god was hunting vampires and that he encountered Grylie. No one has seen either since, and it is assumed they perished in a duel.

The wanderers, though, especially the Vular, were seen so much that Indigenous came to hate most of them. And when they caused the Vular War, the world changed once more.

Skjald Valgrif


Fourth Age

The worldly disruptions toppled the mountains that had separated Falbur and Udring for so long that no Human families could recall their ties anymore. Some of the N-Erectus cheered the regained abilities to easilier visit kin. One of the other side effects was the Arisen. Some of the awakened corpses and remains were those of those traders and travellers who spilled the news about Falbur thousands of years ago. For which they were murdered and dumped in bogs, caves, and dung. Now they walked once more and sought revenge on the descendants of their murderers.

Skjald Sigurd


Then came an Age of HordesHigh King… and The Great Invasion.

Skjald Kazumix




Udring is a land of great rolling foothills and steep valleys. Mountains in the North which at the eastern Border stretch far south. At the Northwest Border, the great valley Utilos Cleft comes from the west through the narrow Fab Lei Gate. In the central roughlands Carcu's Crack is a steep-sided great valley. To the south lies another mountain range.

Skjald El Mary


The rolling hills offer exotic wildlife specials like the very soft-furred and tasty Meerkat and the Dingo, known for their furs ability to stretch.

Mineral specials from the desert are Serandite. and the mountains are rich in Gold. ores.

Skjald Sejrik



The country, up until the great invasion, ruled under one king and was part of the realm. Since then, it has declined into several smaller realms where a plenitude of nobility and settlement leaders are trying to gain the upper hand. Thus, a trip to Udring can be a daunting experience.

Skjald El Mary



The mountains and roughlands are filled with Gems, so there’s a plenitude of mining communities or isolated miners in the wilderness.


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