• Path of Analysis
  • Path of Animation
  • Path of Astral Wandering
  • Path of Beast-mastery
  • Path of Chaos Swilrs
  • Path of Cold
  • Path of Control
  • Path of Countering
  • Path of Creations
  • Path of Crafting
  • Path of Curses
  • Path of Darkness
  • Path of Detection
  • Path of Disease
  • Path of Dissolve
  • Path of Disguise
  • Path of Divinity
  • Path of Earth
  • Path of Enhancement
  • Path of Enlightenment
  • Path of Fire
  • Path of Hand Weaving
  • Path of Healing
  • Path of Herbs
  • Path of Illusions
  • Path of Intuition
  • Path of Water
  • Path of Weather
  • Path of Wind
  • Path of Light
  • Path of Magic Language
  • Path of Movement
  • Path of Muting
  • Path of Nature
  • Path of Origins
  • Path of Poison
  • Path of Protection
  • Path of Purification
  • Path of Repulsion
  • Path of Resistance
  • Path of Runes
  • Path of Shielding
  • Path of Shifting
  • Path of Spirits
  • Path of Summons
  • Path of Telekinesis
  • Path of Telepathy
  • Path of Tracking
  • Path of Weather


“As the Monster charged towards him, he remembered words spoken a long time ago by that strange stranger he had met.” Finding it unusual to think of that stranger on the verge of death, the stranger’s name came quietly to his lips. A doorway to the Astral emerged between him and the monster in a dazzling flash. Grinning, the stranger nodded hello, plucked the charging monster’s head clean off, and vanished.”

Skjald Sejrik



The willpower of Gods is exhibited via their worshipper. A powerful enough channelling to modify the Vornir's already complicated network of Mana Threads. For the Magic Path releases, not only deity energies are channelled but also the targeted Truename. Loyal worshippers are not only nodes of godly energies at times, but they are also capable of bending reality as long as they do not depart from their deities.

Skjald Vinotis



When the gods interfere with our World, they do it with overpowering strength, whimsical carelessness, or, as some Scholars argue, they are full of energy and cannot absorb all of the unleashed energy. As a result, the uncontrolled energy manifests as a crystallised splinter, lump, or chip known as a Magic Shard, each coloured in its individual Aura Colour. A magic shard is free of all links and appears to exist in our world outside of Vornir’s design. They can be employed to modify or construct reality, or to glorify a hungry God, because they have no true names or godly attachments. There are seven for the Realm of Channelling:


Colour: Cyan

Gender: Male

Stat: Presence

Gods: Mumra, Avandii, and Flokil


Colour: Green

Gender: Female

Stat: Empathy

Gods: Babusla, Ostrim, and Rebun


Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Stat: Intuition

Gods: Gulmur, Ehmdali, and Ravali


Colour: Orange

Gender: Female

Stat: Wisdom

Gods: Natiha, Vorril, and Forsato


Colour: Red

Gender: Male

Stat: Constitution

Gods: Kaganthi, Wultar, and Sejr


Colour: Pink

Gender: Female

Stat: Quickness

Gods: Nertilu, Halvio, and Lamuro


Colour: Chaos (Rainbow) – Crystalized

Gender: Both

Stat: All

Gods: All


Colour: Chaos (Rainbow) – Living

Gender: Both

Stat: All

Gods: All

Skjald El Mary



Its important to know… opposite won’t show…

One cannot tame… one cant get fame…

The other side… its in eternal hide…


Practioneers of Divine…

They so surely shine…

But they cannot bind..

Or into Essence wind

Skjald Kazumix

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