• Law of Analysis
  • Law of Animation
  • Law of Beast-mastery
  • Law of Cold
  • Law of Control
  • Law of Countering
  • Law of Creations
  • Law of Crafting
  • Law of Curses
  • Law of Darkness
  • Law of Detection
  • Law of Disease
  • Law of Dissolve
  • Law of Disguise
  • Law of Divinity
  • Law of Earth
  • Law of Enhancement
  • Law of Enlightenment
  • Law of Fire
  • Law of Healing
  • Law of Herbs
  • Law of Illusions
  • Law of Intuition
  • Law of Water
  • Law of Weather
  • Law of Wind
  • Law of Light
  • Law of Movement
  • Law of Muting
  • Law of Nature
  • Law of Origins
  • Law of Poison
  • Law of Protection
  • Law of Purification
  • Law of Repulsion
  • Law of Resistance
  • Law of Runes
  • Law of Shielding
  • Law of Shifting
  • Law of Spirits
  • Law of Summons
  • Law of Telekinesis
  • Law of Telepathy
  • Law of Tracking
  • Law of Weather


“The energies of the Astral can be altered by the strongwilled, sometimes for the good of people sometimes but for the benefit of the Mana Manipulator.”

Skjald El Mary



Its generally, by most Scholars and any Mana Manipulator, accepted that Mentalism is the pinnacle accomplishment in mind over matter. Reaching the 8th level in Mentalism Magic Paths proves that one has mastered complex patterns of existence and creation of Mana Threads. Being able to manipulate, form and dissolve reality, without setting the Mana Sea at motion or using divine revealed Truename.

Through time the art of Mentalism has established itself in two schools of the art, founded in either the mind or the body of the Mana Manipulator. Thus, one either becomes founded in Cyan or Red, the other unreachable, forbidden dangerous grounds to delve into


Skjald Sejrik



Its been taught that Mentalism is only possible by uttermost concentration, meditation and rituals. Else one can’t unthread and/or re-create energies floating freely, or bound in form and existence as weaved by the Vornir. If one add ingredients when manipulating, it’s even possible to alter the composition of whatever is the target.

Seemingly not even Gods can form the fabric of the Mana Sea into Mana Threads as can the Vornir, or maybe there is a difference in how Vornir, Gods and lesser races merely re-spin Mana Threads. For at times energy of Mana Sea are found in crystalized fragment and pieces tinted in its Aura Colour. These odd somewhat transparent objects with no Truename can among things be used for transforming reality or feeding the always coveting Contender Gods.

Skjald Valgrif



Colour: Violet

Gender: Male

Stat: Strength

Gods: ZazkarRelaginBergur


Colour: Blue

Gender: Female

Stat: Quickness

Gods: Bylgi, MurfBorrom


Colour: Cyan

Gender: Male

Stat: Empathy

Gods: MumraAvandiiFlokil


Colour: Green

Gender: Female

Stat: Intuition

Gods: BabuslaOstrimRebun


Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Stat: Presence

Gods: GulmurEhmdaliRavali


Colour: Orange

Gender: Female

Stat: Wisdom

Gods: NatihaVorrilForsato


Colour: Red

Gender: Male

Stat: Constitution

Gods: KaganthiWultarSejr


Colour: Pink

Gender: Female

Stat: Dexterity

Gods: NertiluHalvioLamuro


Colour: Chaos (Rainbow) – Crystalized

Gender: Both

Stat: All

Gods: All


Colour: Chaos (Rainbow) – Living

Gender: Both

Stat: All

Gods: All

Skjald Ulrich



Mentalists are known as Mana Manipulators able to perform undetected by most.

Skjald Vinotis

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