Island of Piecao


1132 SA Revin refugee

1170 Renamed ‘Island of Piecao’



“Famous for its Maskurm Falcons since dawn of time and its independency from The Realm.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



In 1132 it became refugee of large portion of Revins population. But as order was restored at the mainland all but a dozen or so moved back. The remainders founded a path across Maskurm to the Bay of Ishmir and founded small harbours North and South of the Island.

Through the years both harbours evolved and became small villages governed by whoever managed to grasp the reins of them. This happened as the only thing aside tax-free trade, that interested the only person with real power at Maskurm was Lionel. But, in 1170 Lionel upped his grip on the Island as he grasped an oppertunity and named it ‘Island of Piecao’, to a Junk full of staring Kinoblin faces. That was the first step in a series of daring moves, that would elevate him up to a leading figure in The Realm.

At the brink of 1170 Lionel approached the King and bought Maskurm. So, the name Island of Piecao became the official term and construction of a large harbour at the vest side began. From the docks it expanded uphill into living quarters and villas even further up. Lionel began constructing a giant mansion at the ridge, so he could look down onto the busy town of Piecao to the cest and down to Lake Miraf and Mt. Ishmirr to the east.

Skjald Valgrif



Becoming tax free and non sworn Governor of Island of Piecao. Gave Lionel tremendeous status and over time he amassed wealth few could fathom. He formed his own militia, city and personal guard to ensure his trading realm. Some said a secret coprs of informers in all harbours facing his realm was also built, but we have been unable to confirm this widespread rumor.

Skjald Sejrik



Tax free traders heaven, where everything can bo obtained -for a price!

Skjald El Mary

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