Located as the south-eastern Isle of the Realm, with Agion the country reaching the farthest south. But the most interesting thing about Dalip is not that it is close to the Rim. No it’s the fact that Lionel managed to establish a free traders heaven in Piecao in the 'Bay of Golny'

Wildlife specials are the skin of Silver Seals.

Mineral specials are Serandite and Gold.

Skjald Sigurd


Island of Dalip are the home of four of the greatest rivers in the Realm.

At Agions most northern end, in Mt. Agvall springs forth Moltins Creek and runs undecided down, not sure to go towards Bowei or Agion. But as it reaches Muhrmanns Maze it swings westwards and cuts itself into a deeper, stronger stream, River Moltin. Rushing down Black-clay Hills and pouring out into Lopnis Valley. There it feeds the gargantuan Gilpoms Mirror, at which it continues through Bertils Ponds into the Valley of Volgimeer. The valley ends at Cirdalz Spiral, an odd natural phenomen where the water runs in circles all the way down to what is estimated the sea level outside Agions southern shore. The river ends in Cirdalz Spiral, and it’s believed it feed Lake Läkarüm east of Lerbim Heights through underground tunnels.

In Bowei, high up the southern Mt. Wyrrol, River Arbul bubbles forth and quickly gains strength as several other small streams falls along and when it reaches Copper Canyon, its quite brutal and cuts sharply through Jåls Shelf. From there, it slows down and broaden as it flows out into Kåls Plains and goes northward untill the Habberwok Wall forces it to bend towards the Sea. But the Molten Softlands where seemingly an easier path then the Raggy Mounds so it has carved it path further northward. Up in-between Mt. Trob and Mt. Grob as a deep narrow river it broadens as it reaches Potomly Plains where it splits around Mt. Milbo. One part running northwest out the sea and the other going west and spills out into Bay of Palerbo.

In Golny the great river Gülvarr is the mightiest water source, yet it has it offspring in what some consider parts of old Amrad, the northwest end of Valley Anvorr. The offspring is at Mt. Negrül where it creates the Blackhand Falls. Pouring out into the valley it creates the Twin Eyes, four deep lakes as it runs towards Sulmans Ridge. Cutting thin and deep through Craggmor Crack, it runs out into Mervag Highlands and then streams steadily through Oggnils Vallley, deep below Mt. Aggnur. Reaching Poymel Pits it takes a sharp twist northward, as Gamgur Roughlands towers up and Bebbols Plateau offers itself as path for the continued flow. From there it falls into the Danglemar Depts and runs from there out into Rebalds Hills trough underground tunnels. Finalizing a long proud journey, the waters form Traruds Triple Ponds, spilling its excess waters out into the Bay of Runur.

In Amrad, Loplus Tributary springs from Mt. Aggnurs west side. High up the Nurr Mountains, it runs, falls, plummet, at drops violently westward untill it reaches Jokke's Highlands. There it becomes a broader, yet still deep, river zig-zagging down Ytamil Roughlands and out into the Valley of Horrowak. Reaching the valley end it cuts southward and runs through the Wertimo Plains where its further strengthened by waters from Lake Gaxerr, making it a broad and deep strong current ploughing through the rough hills into Lake Mürr and then Lake Wöti. From which the waters take one last flow out into Bay of Golny.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard