BORN: 28/9 1120 in Golny

RACE: Common

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Blue

HEIGHT: 183 cm


Governor of Piecao


“Such a journey from commoner to highly praised very few have taken, even fewer spiced it with downfall an another rise.”

Skjald Vinotis



Lionel was born in the year 1120 in Golny, by a family living in Revin, a small town at Bay of Golny northern shore. His father a Dyer and his mother a Weaver. With nine older siblings, they were considered one of the larger families in town. Family life -meals, tasks and play was always a crowded thing. And the rare occasions where all other was working or away, there was neighbour kids to play with. All in all, the life in Revin was joyful and it was very rare the town officials walked the streets, or the Country’s armed forces passed by. People knew people, and the law enforcement was strong and punishment harsh.

Skjald Valgrif


Lionel told me that in 1132, on the very day he was to become a man, the town ceremony was interrupted by the wounded town lawman riding into the square –bleeding from multiple wounds, with several arrows sticking out here and there, and only holding the reins with the remaining arm he screamed, “N'Aldaan are attacking, run you fools –flee…”. And then he darted back towards the gate, meanwhile every citizen began to run. Some grabbed their kids and ran for the jungle. Others ran into the sea and jumped any boat and ship, and paddled away. Some stood frozen, stepping right, then left, then back… He said he saw his father look at him, and as they gained eye contact he pointed at the boats and then out at the island in the bay… Lionel took this as advice, and ran swiftly to a boat and swung himself aboard. Grabbing an oar, the man onboard just about to throw him out, instead yelled, “ok, then row, row as never before lad”.

As they rowed mile after mile they could see flames erupt in the distant Revin. And it was there that it dawned to Lionel, that laws meant nothing. Anyone strong enough could merely take what they wanted, and not care for the consequence.

Skjald Ulrich


He told me that after a week had passed… he managed to persuade two others to row back to Revin… back in town they saw the carnage a town razing brought along… everything destroyed and everyone killed or captured… oh the horror of our ancestral piracy tendencies… they spent some days filling their boat… with the few valuables they could scavenge from the ruins… and as the armed forces of Golny approached Revin, they sailed back to the island…

Skjald Kazumix


Lionel and his two new friends used the valuables to buy one of the larger boats from an old wounded captain. And they began sailing from their Island to the peninsula in Golny, then to Agion and back to their island. At first it gave them but food on the table. But in a few years their steady route had attracted so many customers, that their boat became too small and they bought a ship. Lionel took charge of that one and decided to sail the opposite direction, meeting his friends whenever they arrived at the island. The business grew and grew and they soon bought two ships more, making each of the trio full blown captains on their own vessel. The boat was then used solely to sail around the island, delivering goods and customers.

In 1170, just as Lionel’s ship was about to anchor, their boat came up aside it and the captain told of a gargantuan ship which had anchored west of the island. Hailing it they were met by really odd-looking hooded sailors speaking in some strange language and using a dialect they haven’t heard before. And no, it was not N'Aldaan pirates. Lionel quickly commanded all passengers ashore with promises that cargo would come back soon –and any loss be redeemed greatly. Then he ordered the boat to take his route and yelled to his crew to set sail. He wanted to see and meet these odd ones.

Skjald Ulrich


I tell you, I curse that day, when he met them darn snouted hunchbacks, and felt a good deal brewing. But of course, he couldn’t know the scope of their vile plan, but show me a foreign race coming with a smile to your docks –telling stories of trade of prosperity. And I’ll show you my blade… Anyways. I’ve been told that his ship “The Falcon” reached the strangers just as they were to anchor out and sail off. And he encouraged his crew to sail close and tie them to the gargantuan vessel. The strangers grabbed the ropes and as knots where tied, he jumped aboard and with open armed beamed, “I am Lionel, son of Jesoti, and I bid you welcome to… … Piecao!”.

It was a bold move, both entering that Kinoblin Junk, but also naming the island as if he was some sort of official. But I got to give the man, he’s always been brave as few. And that day it was his luck that his ship was full of goods from Dalip, West Fjella, and even Midgard specialities. Because the Kinoblin had brought along furs, skins, pearls, gems, ambers, tusks, feathers, herbs, porcelain, and much more. Which he managed to buy for cheap compared to the value it would later bring. And it’s said that his ship had never sailed that deep as it did when ropes was loosened and they set off for the nearby shore. And that was but the first of a continued trade with the exotic Kinoblin.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Paying dues to customers for the cargo he traded almost broke the trio’s ties, but Lionel insisted on keeping the Kinoblin goods and pay customer losses in gold and silver. I’ve never learned his name, but one of them was so unhappy with the decision that he sold his part to the other two and left for Midgard. The other one stayed and borrowed Lionel enough so that all damages were paid, and kept the business routes going. While Lionel took his ship and sailed eastward. The goal was to establish awareness and demand for these rare goods through ought the Isles.

10 months later he returned with rare goods from West Fjella, East Fjella, Midgard, Markeoy and Darin. And such a profit on top that they had never seen before. They agreed to try a bold move and started negotiations with the king of Golny, about buying some land at the west side of the island. The king always in need of cash and easily touched by great gifts, allowed Lionel to buy the whole island for the prize of one of the islands falcons each year and by swearing fealty towards him. As negotiations went on the fealty demand got erased from the treaty in, I’ve heard, exchange for a large chest of gems.

Thus, with the deed of the Island, now named Piecao in the annals of Golny. They started to build a fort and a harbour at the westernmost shore of Piecao. As they had timed it close to a full year they had ordered their other vessels to take the extra distance and anchor up outside their new stronghold. And their move proved be a wise one, as at the very day of one year since last meeting –a gargantuan Kinoblin vessel again anchored up. And trade began anew.

Skjald Sejrik


In but a few years the rumours of exquisite goods had spread throughout the Isles, and Lionel made sure to deal with but the strongest of warlords, wealthiest families and most influential emissaries.  Always telling of a continued supply and the need of strong bonds between seller and customer. And ensuring everyone understood what would happen if Piecao was sacked or him killed. Thus, did he form a sheltering net of extremely powerful allies to secure his trader heaven. And none was ever allowed to be in such a debt that it would give reason to ‘dark thoughts’.

So, as year 1199 turned into 1200 his friend and he, celebrated new year at the finished mansion atop a sparkling Piecao. A great fort, city, harbour, fleet, trade empire, and their own special guard corpse the work of two Jomzaar orphans.

Skjald El Mary


In 1201 as demand for the Kinoblin goods kept growing, and even their Junk was filled to bursting point when arriving. The Kinoblin asked for permission to establish their own warehouses in the harbour, and in return would see that a ship would come each quarter. Lionel agreed and spent the next 35 years consolidating his growing empire. In 1236 he was approached by emissaries from the Holy Star Order, who had been told by the King of Golny to ask his permission if they could set up a monastery at the old Piecao mountainside village out east. The decline to let any religious node settle in the free trader heaven was prompt but polite. It was a place for all, free and open with no ties to Hordes, kings or orders and it had to stay that way. Little did he realize it would be an action that would later tie them together in several actions.

15 years would pass before the Order again disembarked and stood at his boardwalk, glancing out at the three Junks anchored up and countless Kinoblin transporting goods to and from huge warehouses. Piecao had somehow transformed and looked no longer like a heaven in pact with nature. Everything natural was worked into straight alleys, rolling slides, boardwalks, warehouses and loading cranes. Piecao itself was now a working machine. But when they passed through the gate from inner city to the mansion section –they were struck by the beautiful landscapes and how exotic plants and elaborate constructions melted together. The also noticed his guards had gained new uniforms and donned other colours than back then. Anyways, they would find out for sure as they planned to stay for some weeks.

Skjald Valgrif


I would have loved to see their faces, as they most certainly would have been surprised by the splendour and exquisite things his art collection consisted of. Despite them being wealthy as well, Lionel’s wealth was rumoured to be close to all the Triad Traders, and certainly greater than the new High Kings. Lionel did tell me that he thought they did gloat but they hid the awe pretty well, after all they was there to do business. Serious business, that could tear some of the bonds recently tied, but as a holy order they had to try expand and enlighten people. Kalmo told me, that Lionel bade them be patient and enjoy a few days, as he had worked as requested in their ravens-note. And his solution should be arriving any day soon.

A fortnight later a small boat with three passengers docked, and they hasted to his mansion. Aragon told me it was a ranger from Tusla called Bergon who had access to a valued secret, Gizmo of Pearlin carrying a bag of Tiger-eyes, a rare Kinoblin gemstone, and Lionel’s old friend now residing in the shadows of the High Kings court.

The following day they discussed a bold move, which would either allow the Holy Star Order foothold at East Fjella, or a load of trouble with the new High King and the Counsel of Colours. But as they felt balance amongst the Isles tip, they had to be bold –or perish. So as the year of 1251 was fading, they all sailed out on the greatest quest of theirs ever.

I was indeed surprised about the outcome, and that Meanbone 2 years later would support Gizmo in becoming the first High Kings Captain.

Skjald Ulrich


24 years later Gizmo once again sat in the mansion of Lionel, at very late hours enjoying a pleasant talk about old days and adventures. And an issue brought to his attention by Brucester, the commander of the Opalizers in Ivory Vale. Regarding a large portion of Tiger-eye which had recently surfaced at the Gem Fair. In sizes, amounts and tints, resembling some which the old gem cutters had told him was similar to ones given to Gizmo long ago. And as Gizmo himself had tried to track down that stable boy, Waxo, from back then. He could think of only two other persons, holding them for this long –one he regarded high –and another he…

When suddenly a scream erupted from a guard on duty, as company to the first morning sunray, “attack, we are under attack, Kinoblin traito…”. They both jumped up and looked out, and saw the streets filled with dagger wielding Kinoblin. Slicing throats of the defenceless and releasing lightning bolts and other foul magic towards armed guards. As Gizmo said, “See the lamps some have, notice they glow before each spell…”, the roof window splintered and several Kinoblin jumped down and landed combat ready in front of them. None never managed to tap their lamps or unleash their energies, such a masterly tumult did the duo arrange that it all came down to steel, stamina and faith. And the death of all attacking Kinoblin. Victorious they each grabbed a lamp from the dead and hastily studied them curious about the foggy light inside, but with no time they belted them and ran out to fight the revolt.

Skjald Sejrik


Gizmo told me that as the day passed it became clear that too many Kinoblin had been hiding in the huge warehouses, and as hours passed Junks with reinforcements anchored up and their deadly cargo flooded Piecao. “Well my friend, there’s a time to fight, and a time to retreat and regroup. We better do the latter”, Gizmo told me that with these words Lionel turned and walked back into his mansion. In the basement Lionel pulled a lever that sealed his personal vault, and opened a secret tunnel. Which closed as they entered, and after some miles in dim torchlight, they stood in a seaside cave with an ancient teleport site. “I’ve never travelled tge Astral, but let’s see where we end”, was the last words Lionel said before a vortex of colour engulfed them and he found himself at some foothills looking down over some middle-sized town. It turned out to be Pulvas in Esly -of Gizmo he could see nothing and his Kinoblin Lamp was gone.

Skjald El Mary



He control a half secret caravan guard force called the Five Fingers.

Skjald Sigurd