Wralt Kröbzien


BORN: 300 SA

RACE: Ogryl

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Blue

HEIGHT: 196 cm





“Most notable of all Scholars studying Climates for his Kröbzien Climate Model.

Skjald Valgrif



We don’t know where Wralt was born, but according to his resume, it must have been at West Fjella around the year 300 Second Age. The new climate changes due to World tilting are described as having settled into permanent and stable patterns in his first drafts. He travelled quite a lot from an early age, and luckily for us, he left study drafts and notes at several locations, which is why we are able to somewhat place his birth.

After travelling all over Great Fjella for a decade or two, he began travelling to the nearby Isles and wrote down how their climates re. At times, he just talked with residents; at other times, he stayed for a season or a year. As the years passed, he began to be of value to landowners and warlords and earned coinage enough to take on apprentices. So, in his trail were a growing number of scholars who, in time, grew to a Guild of their own.

Skjald Sigurd



He was made a Noblesman for his Kröbzien Climate Model in 412.

Skjald Ulrich


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