“Parted from East Fjella millenias ago when Gods are said to have had a mighty battle for power. The dissapeared lands are said to have been sucked down when Mt. Vula erupted.”

Skjald Sigurd




Located as the southern Isle of The Realm, with Apal so close to the Rim that one can see the contours of the mountains clearly. One of the most interesting things though, is the current attempt from leading people of Esly, to gain control over the small self-governing Island of  Ea. Home to Ea Academy which up untill the Great Invasion housed the finest and most skilled of Shapeshifters.

Skjald Sigurd


Wildlife specials are the skin of Silver SealsMineral specials are Serandite and Gold.

Skjald Sejrik


West-Fjella are the home of three of the greatest rivers in the the Realm lesser Islands.

At Mt. Giir in Oglan the River Frol springs forth and runs down into Poldas Plain from where it cuts itself through Harrums Heights out into Hilldums Falls. There it enters Daris Valley and floats out into Lorrimars Lowlands and, cutting itself through Blueberr Ridge down into the Verrondor Valley. Finally cutting itself through Grey Gate pouring out into the Basalt Banks at the shores of Lake Kerr. There the river has been straightned out in what is known as Kalmars Canal floating out into the Kopp Bay.

In Apal, at the south side of Mt. Dorri, springs forth the River Fulmot which runs down into the Komlyan Plain floating through the gargantuan Roughlands of Stomirr it goes southward through Kajar Highlands and cuts deep into Apalian Heights. From there it falls down Cerrmurs Hills, feeding Lake Latt and Lake Dinn and continuing all the way to the Shevalian Shores floating out into the South Sea.

In the most northern of Claun's valleys, Valley Vrondarr, springs forth Tronds Tributary. Running through the valley it floats out into Måns Heights and finally, after falling down the Serruman Falls it floats through the entire Garma Valley.

Skjald El Mary

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