From muscular to stocky.

Height: (cm)

Females: 195-200

Males: 200-210

Weight: (kg)

Females: 125-155

Males: 140-170

Lifespan: (yr)

Females: 155-160

Males: 150-155


Pale to golden.


Mostly brown, but all colours occur.








270 T.A. Founded the Ogryllan Empire

899 F.A. empire collapsed


“Like living rock… and strong tree trunks… these pillars of might… stand against any foe.”

Skjald Kazumix



In the grand tapestry of Races, a race known as the Ogryl stands as a testament to strength, heritage, and unyielding spirit. With a stature that casts an imposing shadow and a build that harks back to the resolute Archaic lineage, the Ogryl embody a primal power that resonates through time. These beings, akin to the sturdy roots of ancient trees, possess a connection to crafting that rivals and combat that surpasses the legendary prowess of the Vular and Jomzaar.

Mighty and unyielding, the Ogryl forge their path with a stocky build that belies their incredible strength. Their bones, as strong as the very mountains that shape their homes, are a testament to the resilience of their lineage. Adept in both the art of crafting and the dance of combat, they carry a legacy of skill honed through generations of dedication.

Their claim to fame rests upon the shores of Pearl Island, an independent realm that stands free from Horde's pervasive influence. Through sheer determination and might, the Ogryl have defended their sanctuary, fending off unwelcome guests with an iron resolve. Their ability to repel intruders, their defiant stance against adversity, and their unwavering loyalty to their land have enshrined them as a force to be reckoned with, a true embodiment of true Mannish character.

Pearl Island, cradled by the embrace of the sea, is their chosen haven. Here, they have woven settlements that stand as testament to their strength, and as rare individuals traverse The Realm, they carry with them the echoes of their island’s legacy. The Ogryl, oftentimes solitary in their pursuits, only come into contact with the world beyond when it aligns with their own interests or the will of their lords.

t the heart of their essence lies a steadfast dedication to labour and conflict alike. As good, stout workers, their hands are skilled in the art of creation, and their minds are honed for the rigours of combat. Yet beneath their rugged exterior lies a sense of nobility, a devotion to honour and integrity that guides their every step. Their warriors, imbued with an indomitable spirit, stand strong as pillars of defence against the tides of uncertainty.

A select few among the Ogryl walk a path that reaches beyond their realm. These envoys, and the upper echelons of their court, have sought the wisdom held within the ancient language of Nimzaxian, a treasure that grants them a unique perspective on the history that has shaped their race.

In a world where strength both physical and moral collide, where traditions echo and legends are carved, the Ogryl stand resolute—a beacon of power, honour, and independence. With each step they take, the earth itself seems to shiver in recognition, for they are the embodiment of unwavering resolve, a steadfast lineage that has weathered the storms of time.

Skjald Sejrik



Considered the 6th oldest of the Indigenous tribes, they are T'Aurs and Archaic Neander offspring. They are a rather large, stockier-built sub-race than any of the other humans; they are as strong-boned as their ancestors. They are also as skilled as the Vular in crafting and the Jomzaar in combat. They take the credit for Dalip being an independent island, free of any of the Horde influence seen elsewhere, “Beating off any unwelcome guest…”, as they say.

It’s still uncertain why the Ogryl was attacked by the Vular. But the long struggle is said to be the reason their empire collapsed.

Skjald El Mary



They are spread throughout the following Isles. and countries

Midgard: Etain, Fridor, Fril, Ladris, Scia, Trov

Naldar: Jabos, LioniKaroly, Seviels

DalipAgion, AmradBowei, Golny

West Fjella: Apal, Claun, Esly, Oglan

They are found in settlements at Dalip, Naldar, West Fjella, southern Midgard and as rare individuals travelling The Realm.

Skjald Vinotis



They rarely mix with others and only do so when pursuing their own or their lord’s interests.

Only their envoys and upper court people dealing with the High King normally know Nimzaxian.

Skjald Sigurd


The most famous of all these are without doubt Pakara.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



The most remarkable thing is their Strength. and resilience towards Mentalism

Skjald Valgrif


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