“As it was placed in the World, it was connected to The Misty Isles by thin stretches of land . The 1st Cataclysm, and the Deep Blue Tsunami, destroyed those.”

Skjald El Mary



First Age

At first Thang was a fertile vast domain, the joined fruits of many a voidVoid Garden, but in the 1st Cataclysm, it was one of the areas affected the most by the worlds folding, and altering of the path of the Sun. All the result of the Wickeryadi, twisting some ‘Alfar’ into Vampire. Just because they taught some Void Weaving to the Vornir.

Skjald Sejrik


Second Age

As time passed, vampires became the topic of tales and the Tribes of the land is now but a fraction of their former glory, in a dried out dusty land that is. Even its mythical Northern mountains dosent exist anymore. Very few cared to undertake visiting the northern shores due the burning Sun. And should one sail out, and north, the The Deep Blue boils slightly. Still no land was too remote for the Wanderers.

Skjald Ulrich


Third Age

Through time tribes have been reluctant to welcome newcomers, most likely due sparse amounts of food so new mouths was viewed with worrying eyes. Most was driven off, some were killed. But the Wanderers was so stromg and plenty, that natives who ‘threw the first blow’, saw reprasials of extreme. So, their relations has never been the best, in fact both have better relations with the N-Erectus, who is neutral in any conflicts amongst the Human. Aside the Wanderes arriving trading and diplomacy with the rest of the World has been of little interest. Yet, interest in other matters, arose when the Arisen suddenly emerged.

Skjald Valgrif


Fourth Age

Shock and horror spread amongst the tribes, when the world once again bent and buckled. Earthquakes, odd rain, flames from the sky, and a giant infested tsunami once more altered the lands. And long dead ancestors became the Arisen. Thus it took several hundreds of years before things had settled, and there were but petty skirmishes. Countries had been formed, society well defined, and generally the populations grew and prospered.

Thus, it was quite a rocking experience when the High King toured Findon. But at least it loosened up some of the tension between the Human Races and an increase in Fur and Gem tradetook place. At some point in the early 1260’s, the Triad Traders found an interest in Findon livestock and created a cattle breeding programme. Vast amount of cattle was brought from Southern Midgard yet an unforseen cattle disease struck and it almost wiped out half the native stock. Triad Traders showed their strength and good will, and merely sent twice the amount as soon as the disease was thought gone. Thus they gained a huge amount of loyality amongst countryside Trives, far superior that to the High King.

Skjald Sejrik





All the Human tribes are led by a single leader, and have never really fulfilled sworn oaths towards The Realm.

Skjald Vinotis



Due the harsh environment and the common hunting, most individuals are exceptional runners with great Stamina

Skjald El Mary

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