• Khroar 'Tounguelash' Shybi
  • Thurhog 'the Fist' Choltar
  • Zaarook 'Swiftfoot' Krullan
  • Zarathiel 'Skybreaker' K'raraak
  • Lyranith 'Masked-Seer' Vro'vo'rr
  • Seraphel 'Airsinger' Mur'rrh'r
  • Ki'an Werai
  • Na'bigu Koruk
  • Ken'zu Gituak
  • Da'arl Chago
  • Ana'nag Maiku
  • Werth Noret
  • Bligrut Krukog
  • Ezur Tuukurg
  • Iarok Iugrok
  • Nomazig Graokurg
  • Morl Haza
  • Grul Bruuk
  • Eron Turg
  • Sturt Narol
  • Gomzi Gomza
  • Allhana Beror
  • Miniali Hakani
  • Dallone Ekatur
  • Lonia Mataro
  • Filine Fedazi
  • Jadag 'Grynter' Disbok
  • Buhul 'Tinker' Anrok
  • Fitan 'Tiny' Korsi
  • Riksy 'Chiral' Podu
  • Malai 'Jester' Gokk
  • Nozhorala Kolth
  • Mekaxak Butuko
  • Ximer Mozurla
  • Haqokai Fixaxa
  • Jaqulir Mopixyg


“Swarming shores, pouring from Astral gates, swooping from The Rim—searching for a great prize.

Skjald Ulrich



As a united invasion force, they were a mixed lot: from the gargantuan Mammutan and large Ye'til; the tall Romasai, and the long-legged Anurai; to the bloated muscle bulks of the Pigryn; and the smaller Kinoblin and Sproblin; as well as the obscure Ostrich-looking Aquerian races.

Skjald Vinotis


Each their own strengths, avoiding their weaknesses by deploying where they would damage the most. The Great Invasion was well planned, based on information gathered for decades. Thus, their initial thre-–front launch easily broke through every defence and destroyed so much.

So, suddenly, they came by ships, flying across the Rim or flooding down those frosty mountains and pouring out of astral gates, laying dormant and unusable for ages. Dammit, I wish I had focused more on gathering intel than those darn pretty Romasai’s, who, oh, look, I spilled some ale by the gale of the past—waiter, more ale!

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


In fact, they first came to us a long time ago, as several stories refer to Pigryn, Mammutan, and Anurai attacks. But it was only with the Kinoblin trade with Lionel, that they, as such, gained a permanent foothold here. I’m certain that had he known, he would have slit their throats instead, but gold is such a trickster. Anyway, the Kinoblin not only lured him but also the Triad Traders, and several Hordes.

Skjald Sigurd


In 1170, when Lionel’s ship was about to anchor, a boat came, and the captain informed them that an enormous vessel had anchored west of the island. As they greeted it, some weird-looking sailors speaking in a strange language hailed back in an unfamiliar dialect. These were not N’Aldaan pirates, but rather like the Sproblins, so Lionel quickly ordered all passengers into the boat, assuring that their trade items would be returned and that any losses would be generously paid in full. Then he ordered the boat to transport the passengers ashore to Ishmirr and instructed his men to set sail. He wanted to meet the odd sailors.


In 1186, while following some unusual creatures along a previously uncharted path, he found an unknown Astravel location. Atallanti moved towards the trailmakers, a strange pair of human-like beings: a bloated, pig-headed half-human and a frog-headed, legged half-human.

The odd duo was having a heated discussion over something related to the Astravel site. The frog-man then wrenched his head towards Atallanti and attacked in a series of powerful jumps. It turned out that it was not Atallanti but Wilson, as he had tracked them all as well and was well-versed in these race varieties.


In 1202, Sproblin and Pigryn landed on the shores of Pigs Bay in Noriag. We now believe this was not only a test of our defences but also a plot to deploy several colonies of Sproblins. That spread out across Midgard, but also at East Fjella and Markeoy.

As the Sproblins spread, free of their Pigryn ‘herders’, some came to be on friendly terms with the carious races here. Some of them were: Bila 'Ratchet' Frett, Chieftain Burdug, Shaman Groth, Chieftain Skarn, Shaman Zaria, Chieftain Brala, Matriarch Griselda, Brum and Tingle, and Pota Brumbach


The Great Invasion itself saw thousands of these enemies pour onto our lands or emerge from many an Astral site/gate. To our surprise, they came in two waves: Anurai, Aquarian, Kinoblin, Mammutan, Pigryn, and Sproblin; then came Romasai and Ye’Til, seemingly parttaking in whatever the invaders generally hunted, but these latter ones also hunted the Aquarian for their eggs.

Skjald Sejrik



At their initial surge, they came across the Rim, in many a ship, and poured out of astral gates. But Sproblins also emerged from lairs, secret camps of Anurai and Pigryn flooded out, and Kinoblins drew their daggers, slashing left and right. So, they overwhelmed everyone, and were everywhere within the month.

Now, there are only a few besieged locations and hunted groups left in what was the realm.

Skjald Sejrik


Their attacks were coordinated to such an extent and precision that we believe someone was using them as pawns. And without certain proof, it would have been fatal to point at any specific Organisation or god.

Among the invaders, there were a few that stood out to such a degree that we are certain they formed their leading council.


Anurai: Thurhog 'the Fist' Choltar, Aquerian: Zarathiel 'Skybreaker' K'raraak, Kinoblin: Ken'zu Gituak, Mammutan: Nomazig Graokurg, Pigryn: Gomzi Gomza, Romasai: Filine Fedazi, Ye'Til: Ximer Mozurla


  • Anurai – Khroar 'Tounguelash' Shybi, Zaarook 'Swiftfoot' Krullan
  • Aquerian – Lyranith 'Masked Seer' Vro'vo'rr, Seraphel 'Airsinger' Mur'rrh'r
  • Kinoblin – Ki'an Werai, Na'bigu Koruk, Da'arl Chago, Ana'nag Maiku
  • Mammutan – Werth Noret, Bligrut Krukog, Ezur Tuukurg, Iarok Iugrok
  • Pigryn – Morl Haza, Grul Bruuk, Eron Turg, Sturt Narol
  • Romasai – Allhana Beror, Miniali Hakani, Dallone Ekatur, Lonia Mataro
  • Sproblin – Jadag 'Grynter' Disbok, Buhul 'Tinker' Anrok, Fitan 'Tiny' Korsi, Riksy 'Chiral' Podu, Malai 'Jester' Gokk
  • Ye’til – Nozhorala Kolth, Mekaxak Butuko, Haqokai Fixaxa, Jaqulir Mopixyg

Some of these died violently, slain by the very traitors they trusted, but who tried to make amends by serving us their heads on plates… ha ha, on plates. Man, let’s eat!

Skjald Yell’a’Beard



As the few who were allowed to stay… in our lands, live a dangerous life.

They are cautious and jumpy… so be careful when you meet or approach.

Skjald Kazumix



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