Ivory Vale



Mt. Pearlin a ripe mother of rich ores will never grow barren they say.”

Skjald Sigurd



Located up midways Pearlin Riwer it has become a well protected heaven for pearl and gems trade.

At some point Brucester was asked if he would honour the Guild of the Gemcutters and Pearl-divers become Opalizer Commander and lead the corps in Ivory Vale protecting the Gem Fair. He held the position for several years, overseeing the making of the bravest corps in the realm, in constant jesting mockery with the Grimsborg Guard and the Holy Star Order’s military branch.

In 1255 SA Nahita came to the Ivory Vale, where she stayed until 1257.

In the spring of 1277 Brucester summoned Gizmo, and they discussed the surfacing of some exceptionally rare Tiger-eye gems. Had it only been one or two he wouldn’t had noticed, but rumors’ spoke of a full velvet bag. Brucester knew of such a lot once passing into the hands of Gizmo and afterwards heard various stories about their fate. Gizmo spent a few days talking to various traders and cutters, then entered a ship heading for Island of Piecao.

Some who saw the departure said that when Brucester turned, his well hidden smile erupted in a broad laugh. Later he was seen sharing meat and mead with Attilla at the at The Prudent Mule in Pikleby.

Skjald Sejrik



The Country has a King but in fact its led by several Guilds. In the vale their power is so strong that their city guard are a regular army.

Skjald El Mary



They have not sworn to any King below the now gone High King, so in reality they are aiain unbound.

Skjald Vinotis

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