Holy Star Order

Gold founders

Silver founders

Copper Founders

1220 Dogil saw Mukadall Monastery

1222 RegarirMinuriol joined

1222 The Order is founded

1223 Aragon & Kalmo joined

1233 Peninsula is claimed

1236 Move on Island of Piecao

1251 Again at Island of Piecao

1251 GizmoBergon joins

1283 joins Cleansing Crusade


“Founded to protect weak and guard The Realm against foes.”

Skjald Ulrich



The youngest of Hordes yet as powerful as any. Some say that Dogil laid the foundation for the Horde as early as 1173 when he as part of a delegation overseeing Kinoblin and Romasai examining and bonding a Teleport Site. From then he began assembling perceptive and skilled individuals, but its unclear how many and who, as these to our knowledge did not become part of the official face of their order.

Then, in 1220 he found the perfect location for his project, the ruined Mukadall Monastery at the foothills of Mt. Iznog. Oddly enough Regarir, the other founding father, in 1218 passed Mukadall Monastery on his way home from Orwoll's Observatory in Obran. Which gave him the idea to buy a old village and create a resting place for holy people and pilgrims. Eventually leading to Minuriol coming to Regarir’s holy village, and Dogil to enter the Filled Bucket for Minuriol.

Skjald Sejrik


In 1223 a lot of the holy ones had migrated from the small village to Mukadall Monastery and where hard at work preparing farmland, sowing, working, and repairing the buildings. They spend the next 10 years strengthening bonds with locals and bribing lesser officials in Braburg and Obran to secure their plan to grasp the entire peninsula up to Lake Azuris. A plan they unfolded in 1233, making them a force to recon, but also a force with powerful enemies.

Skjald Sigurd


During the 30’s and 40′ they expanded into Midgard and some of the other Isles. Generally with success, but in 1236 they tried to gain a foothold on Island of Piecao and was turned away. Making it one of the few places their agents do not reside. None are quite sure what occured back at Mukadall Monastery, but when they returned some say an argument with Minuriol unfolded, making him leave the order. So far no Skjald has been able to locate him and shed some light on the events.

Skjald Vinotis


East Fjella, one of the Isles, was though in firm control by Dawn Reborn and Junnatu Weavers. Thus did the founders of the Holy Star Order venture deed into the Junnatu Caves, successfully getting their hands on the hearth of Meanbone. With it they gained an upper hand in securing foothold on East Fjella.


In 1283 they where attacked like other Hordes, and they also participated in the Battle of Weeping Plains. Their founders are now mostly roaming the roads and paths of The Realm with most of their lesser leaders restoring Mukadall Monastery.

Skjald El Mary





Gold Founders

The initial two founders who created the order in 1220.

Dogil and Regarir

Silver Founders

The two members who joined when Muckadall Monastery was to be cleansed.

Kalmo and Aragon

Copper Founders

The two members who joined when the Holy Star Order went to grab Meanbone’s hearth.

Gizmo and Bergon

Skjald Sejrik

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