BORN: 10/9 1166 SA in Pearlin

RACE: Dwarf/Realmar

REALM: Channelling

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 176cm




Holy Star Order Silver Founder

High Kings Captain


“One of the most valiant ‘power packs’ to have emerged from Human and Dwarf union, is this great small fist of ‘Earthblood’.”

Skjald Vinotis



Gizmo told me he is the youngest son of a Dwarf Gem Merchant, and a Jomzaar mother – the daughter of a Vular/Ogryl couple. So earths breathing, raw material appraisal, and force of fist runs deep in him. In fact he is one of but a handful Human, with Dwarf ancestors know to any Skjald.

He spent his childhood roaming shores for Amber and rare stones. Soon learning that precious finds had to be kept secret and guarded, until at safe selling place or they would be robbed and beating the only payment. So, he began practice of two things long before other kids -the art of secrecy, and physical training of his inherit power.

Skjald Ulrich


In his early teens he established good knowledge of how streams would have pockets of Agate and other precious stones. How shores would place amber, and how rocks would consist of stone or precious ores. He became connected with nature in an odd understanding way. Travelling and long stays in the wild resulted in a great physical shape, enabling him to best folks much larger. He was strong as an Ox, quite something for a lad in his late teens.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


As he grew in abilities, he more often than others managed to find precious gems and rare stones, and keep their origin a secret. Traders began to show interest in his goods and as they also heard some of his stories. They thought him capable of safeguarding what he was carrying and gave him delivery jobs. These ensured he met some mighty and powerful persons at a young age and his network and reputation grew further.

It was on such a delivery task, to Island of Piecao at the mansion mansion of  Lionel, that he met a handful of people who would become an essential part of his life. Present at the meeting was Lionel, Regarir, Dogil, Aragon, Kalmo, and Bergon, a ranger from Tusla. All were to set out on a quest for something very precious to the Junnatu Weavers.  Located at a place known to someone Bergon had met and persuaded to reveal, if paid enough in rare yellow gems -the stones Gizmo had just delivered. The group would like Gizmo to travel along, offering not only the adventure. But also the position as commander in the rapidly growing Holy Star Order.

Skjald Valgrif


Bergon that scoundrel,  always good for a twisting comment once told me, that he thought Gizmo saw the offer from those Holy Star Order people, but as an opportunity in securing himself. And of course was exited to find out what exactly was the objective. I mean who wouldn’t be, I know I would.  He agreed and within the week they travelled off to Tornix, loaded with yellow gems. They sailed to Gaslug where Lionel departed, and then they sailed to Grebi to fetch something that huge beast-tamer Kalmo needed. The stay at the Beastmaster Arenas is something Gizmo often brings up when we meet, as he there saw so many odd animals, beasts and what he would call monsters. Monsters, ha, if he only knew the things I’ve seen. Anyways, they’d all peacefully trot alongside their connected beastmaster, without but a ocasional snort or grunt, he claims.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Its said they came to Tornix… Where he met the legendary Zizu, who recognized Dogil at the city market square… He invited the group to dine with him, an offer they couldn’t reject…

So they went to his palace… Ashenhall which is as impressive inside as it looks from a distance… Towering high atop the city it has odd wyrmlike ornaments in every room and every hallway… People claim the ornaments are alive as if its the earth itself breathing and pulsing…

Much to their surprise, as they where to begin the meal. A small silvery chiming was heard… and out from a large mirror stepped another guest… It was the mighty Terminus, emissary of the Junnatu Weavers who laughed heartily at the sight of the group…

Expressing his gratitude for being summoned by the Reborn King… To join in welcoming the Holy Star Order at the soil of East Fjella… The group was shaken by his insight as they never met him before…

But they managed to keep their wits… And seemingly spilled no beans in their casual chatter with these mighty lords… As indicated by the outcome of the task ahead… Late that night, Terminus bowed and thanked them all for a good evening… and said he looked forward to formal discussions with the group at his King’s court… with regard to if the Holy Star Order would be getting a foothold in East Fjella.

Skjald Kazumix


In the early morning Zizu and Gizmo, the only two left awake at the table were exchanging previous adventures, when suddenly Zizu looked Gizmo deep in the eyes and asked, “Are you certain this legacy is what you want, should you folks succeed?” Gizmo was honestly surprised and said he had no clue what Zizu meant. The Reborn merely looked deeper into the eyes, searching the memory and soul of his guest. He then turned his head and grabbed a goblet and cheered the order instead and apologized for his misinterpretation of their intentions. Gizmo indeed felt confused, was it the wine or was it the gaze, regardless he was long overdue and excused himself. He needed rest, to which the Reborn answered, “Ah yes, rest, the gift I myself crave…”. It was only years later, Gizmo told me. That he realized what the Reborn had seen in the others and was prying at.

Later that day they rode out and after a few days they reached the border lakes. Selling their mounts they hired some boats and sailed across to Usai, homeland of the Junnatu Weavers. Gizmo is said to have expressed that he looked forward to the court meetings, when a grinning Dogil looked at the others. And then, out at the water they revealed to him what they where after, a prize far more precious than anything for them. The most dangerous thing to crave and something they considered giving up reaching when Zizu summoned Terminus last night. For a while they thought either would figure the reason behind the rather incognito travel, but seemingly they managed to hide it…

They where to reach the Junnatu Caves and grab the hidden heart of Meanbone, a prize they needed before negotiating the terms of their order settling in East Fjella. Gizmo was stunned and said he had no clue what they talked about. So Kalmo told him the legend of Meanbone, the rumours about the caves and what was known about Attilla, the guard and his magic bracers with the map revealing the hearts location. Gizmo told me he was not entirely pleased, but as long as it was but an item to be grabbed for later exchange of favourable terms, he had no reason to turn around. A comment he once mentioned made both Dogil and Bergon share a smile.

Skjald Ulrich


I would have loved to see their faces, for as they reached a small town at the other side and started to unpack. Gizmo told me he noticed Bergon pull the sleeve of Dogil and do a slight throw with the head towards one of the other passengers as that one gathered his goods. Ha ha, must have been the boldest thing Dogil ever did as he stepped forward with open empty hands and walked up to the hooded man, saying “Excuse me but aren’t you Den Godan? And if so allow me and my comrades to offer you a seat, mead and meat at a table in that tavern up there.”

As the man unhooded, those nearby that heard Dogil mention that name, all showed the usual behaviour and in but a minute they was alone at the pier. It was the King of the le Draugr Riders. It could be no coincidence he was here as well, proven by his words as he looked at Dogil and said, “Yes let’s do that, I bring you words from the High King anyways”.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Its not often great men cross by coincidence, but I was lucky to be at that inn the day fate walked in and sat down at the table next to mine. As the door opened and that group entered, the inn emptied in no time. No normal peasant, toddler or nobleman liked to be in a tavern with a Draugr Rider, least of all their King. But me, if Murf wanted me, why flee, so I stayed. So, they sat down and ate, talking about weather, the lands and plans. When Den Godan said, “The High King sends his respect for the task to be attempted, but must also inform you, that if you fail, he will have to take steps to restore honour amongst the nobility and his closest allies. Of which you will be no longer, if this fails. So, tread carefully and ‘do not’ spill blood, or rivers will flow through the Order”. Without waiting for an answer, as none was expected, he gently rose, nodded a politely and respectful farewell and left the tavern.

Then he came back in, walked past the group to me and the seemingly sleeping drunkard next to me and said, “Murf’s greeting good Onesis Klavisson.”, which made the man yank up and stare at his bane to be. Then Den Godan punched his stiletto straight into the left eye of the spy. Then he smiled at me, “not your time El’m”… tossed the innkeeper a coin and whistled as he walked out again. Gizmo was the only one still chewing away at his bread and cheese through it all. Then said, “So we have the blessing of the High King, my, my. Very interesting company, you folks have turned out to be… eh Onesis?” At which all but the innkeeper broke out in laughter.

Skjald El Mary


The following was told to me by Bergon, and I have not been able to verify it with any other of the involved.

A week later they stood at the gate to another tavern, Bergon stepping inside first and then after a few minutes the rest came in. Seeing him at a table, pouring ale to what looked like a stableboy, they walked over an took seats as Bergon introduced Waxo to them and the founders of their Order to him, an introduction that made the stableboy relaxed and draw a sigh of relief. After some food and smalltalk the lad asked for his payment and Gizmo slid the small leather pouch across the table. “Before it rests in your hands, then tell the us the whereabouts of Attila, and you will be paid proper”. “At the ‘Wronged Donkey’ two streets up and around the bend, is where your man is with his preferred every night.”

Letting go the pouch the lad grabbed it, stood and went for the door, followed by the group, as they had no more business here. Now it was time for the confrontation, and the test of Gizmos skills. As they walked out Bergon scouted around, noticing which house Waxo entered and if any came out or were on rooftops or corners. But all seemed good. As they began the last part of their travel Kalmo laid his huge hand on Gizmos shoulder, “So are you ready to display that famed speed and strength you are known for? For in but a few you will have to jet and ram one of The Realms most dangerous fighters.”

Gizmo looked up at the huge muscular mountain, slow due to his bulk and nodded a silent yes. They walked in silence the rest of the way, entered the inn which was empty but for the keeper who was just to ask, when Dogil broke him off and asked if Attila was residing. As the keeper stopped midsentence to yell a warning, he looked up at one of the doors and was punched out by one hard blow by Dogils magic. Then they climbed the stairs and to their luck Attilas girl came sliding out, closing the door silently she turned around and was paralyzed by magic unleashed by Dogil.

They opened the door as silently as they could and Kalmo stepped in, to the words of a fully awake and armour donning impressive warrior uttering, “I am Attila and you cannot live on…”. To which Kalmo charged him aiming for his right side, and his certain death had it not been for Attila being slowed by Dogil’s magic and the need to dodge an arrow from Bergon. Resulting in the rather small Gizmo, being able to dart forward ramming Attila in the chest. As he screamed at the cowards, Gizmo delivered an iron hard jab to the legends jaw. Sending him to the floor as a stone pillar toppling. “I’m Gizmo, and we just did…”.

They tied up Attila, took and studied his bracers and wrapped him in a carpet. Then they left the inn and rode off in the night with their loot and cargo. 6 days later a ship under the flag of the Holy Star Order stood out from Tornix. Leaving Bergon and a huge wooden box at the pier, that he clapped gently and then left alone as he strode up into the town. After a while it started to make considerable noise, and eventually Attila smashed it from inside and stepped out. Several random sailors and landlubbers was gifted with broken jaws and bent noses that day. Some sharpeyed bypassers say that they remember he was weeping as he raged and some say that he had bare upper torso and no bracers either.

Skjald Ulrich


Later that year in the negotiations between the Councel of East Fjella and the Holy Star Order the Junnatu Weavers supported the Order, which resulted in exceptionally good tax deals for the order.

Its said that Gizmo, as the commander of the orders military branch, after the meeting alone visited the Junnatu Weavers court and presented both Meanbone and Attila with personal gifts.

Some say that him doing this, gained him so much respect that it was Meanbone who pressed to have the High King offer Gizmo the title as High Kings Captain, a title Gizmo accepted, and took, some say, only after he was allowed a personal duel against Attila to restore a honour issue; none have said who won. But it’s said that at some point in the duel Attila whispered something in the ear of Gizmo.

Skjald Valgrif



When the invasion hit, Gizmo had a break from duties at Holy Star Order and was revisiting Lionel at Piecao. To talk about the large influx of rare yellow gemstones recently seen at the Gem Fair and floating towards the court of the new High King. And that ranger from back then, Bergon, who also had surfaced at the court. But it was a matter that became rather unimportant as society collapsed, and all had to focus on other things. Gizmo mentioned during the Cleansing Crusade, that as he walked to Lionels mansion, he observed the Naldar mini-fortress seemingly empty and ge didn’t meet a single N’Aldaan at Piecao. Lionel had replyed that Jocky Chan had arrived 4 months earlier, and all of their 'Zan House Quasaki had gone back to reclaim the lands of Borroto Usari. And it was Borrotos son, grandson and great grandson that had lived in that mini-fortress.

Skjald Sejrik



Gizmo can see in underground darkness, due the Dwarf/Ogryl heritage he is exceptionally strong. And his Dwarf part vas given him a natural insight into certain Magic Paths

Skjald Ulrich

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