BORN: 10/3 1169 FA Bebram

RACE: Tatongol/Rimzir

REALM: Essence

AURA: Pink

HEIGHT: 202 cm




Opalizers Commander


“To prove them all wrong, he dropped all his armour and trinkets. Grabbed a weapon and shield and forced the God to Bend the Knee.”

Skjald El Mary



Fourth Age

“Brucester, my massive wifesbane, that shall be thy name.” According to some old midwives attending Bruce’s problematic birth, his father’s words hold the newborn. The midwives also claim they saw the baby reach down and, when laid at the mother’s breast, touch and stroke her gently as if saying goodbye. True or not, his intuition and empathy enabled him to read others and avoid their actions. It made him able to stand toe to toe with horrific and fear-instilling opponents and beasts, dodging what would fall to a normal combatant.

Skjald Valgrif


He told me that as a boy, he learned about tools, weather, nature, livestock, and wild animals due to his father being a gardener. As he had to run their shop, playing always had a tint of work or education to it. And he learned to dodge the kick of a horse, the horn of a cow or goat, and the fury of boars as well. At an early age, he realised he had the same skills towards the bullies always around when one is from society’s lower end. So those eager to test him or see if they could get a reputation by taking him down often found themselves outmanoeuvred and bested. And should they take it sorely and go for steel or other nasty tricks, he would easily evade their attempts or take it like a tree trunk and deliver them a fatal experience in return.

Such skills don’t go unnoticed by the highborn, and while a young lad, yet already man-sized and strong as an ox, he was approached by the Warden of Brebram, who would like to hire him as a bodyguard and pay him well for the task. Seeing an opportunity to climb society in his face, he accepted it, and never again did he have to stack rocks or dig trenches. From that day on, his life was centred around protecting people, places, or goods.

Skjald Ulrich


The ones I’m about to mention now all chimed in that he was excellent at his job, and as the warden travelled a lot, he saw a large portion of the realm. Seemingly always with a keen eye for the crowds, he learned to spot places to buy information, potions, or seek comrades that could aid with tasks. So, he became friends with Nefius, Black Oak, Regarir, and Lionel. And if that isn’t a feat in itself spanning that lot, far more legends are under his belt as close comrades and partners in…

Let’s have some ale…

Despite their differences, he can also count Setil, Den Godan, and Deepminded. amongst those in his inner circle, and he is one of those who, I think, has the broadest palette of friends, ensuring he knows what is going on in the realm. It all really changed, though, when the Warden passed away and he began various tasks for all his friends. Then he became known as one of the most reliable guardians.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


I once heard someone, but sadly forgot who… speaking about him taking a job… where he had to visit Ashenhall… to escort a young lad back to Grimsborg… the lad had seemingly experienced… odd-looking raiders sacking his village… and while escaping, he was saved by Mumra… the God of Magic.

Skjald Kazumix


I have heard that when Brucester returned successfully to the High King’s court from some extremely important task, he was awarded an opalized shimmering full plate armour set with yellow gems, crafted by Kobold and Drakk Alfar. Smiths. He was also asked if he would honour the Gem Cutters Guild and take the position as Opalizers Commander. The corps in Ivory Vale is protecting the Gem Fair. He gladly accepted this and became renowned for keeping order there.

Skjald El Mary


He held the position of commander of the Opalizers for several years, overseeing the making of the bravest corps in the realm, in constant jesting mockery with the Grimsborg Guard and the Holy Star Order’s military branch. When The Great Invasion hit, he was one of the first to reach the main gate and block the intruders from entering. Even though several of his officers and younger comrades fell, he managed to stay alive, holding the enemies at bay and thus preventing anyone from entering.

Sadly though, traitors opened some of the lesser gates on the other sides of the city, resulting in the fall of Pearlin’s capital and the sacking of the Gem Fair. As the day passed and he saw flames erupt from rooftops and people being thrown from ramparts, he realised the fight was in vain. So, as the sun’s last rays stroked his armour, he descended from the pile of dead enemies. Cutting his way through invaders, he retreated back into the city and the streets he knew so well. When he reached one of the solid iron gates, he managed to pass inside and lock it. He ran across the yard and passed into a hallway, and no one saw him again at the Gem Fair.

Now he’s sometimes met on odd paths and off-roads, killing the unwary invader or traitor on his list.

Skjald Valgrif


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