General appearance:



Height: (cm)

245 cm

Weight: (kg)

240 kg


Dark Golden


Dark Brown






Contender God of Crafting


“His self awareness sprang alive early in Dark Ages, when one of his links felt a sudden stirring irk as its connected Item was altered. .”

Skjald Ulrich



Feeling the odd energy burst throughout the small collection of the links that was to become Relagin, when a linked Item in The Void was altered, where what ignited his self awareness. As He tried to fathom what He where and the experience, he felt Boriacs rush along his links towards the origin of the odd energy burst.

His new self floated along and when reaching the end he saw Boriac talk with a Thursar who seemingly had altered what they had linked from the Astral. This exited him much and he both began bending his links so they would interact with other Violet links, and rush to the linked when that stir was felt again.

At times he aided the Crafter by a gentle whisper, touch of energies, etc. As well as his name. So in time, Crafters began to praise him, prior working with Raw material, Item, Object and Enhancing.

Skjald Ulrich



Relagin are a Contender God of Crafting, hammering his way up as absoloute ruler in the Violet aspect of the Astral. Contender God of Crafting, often referred to as ‘Anvil of Gods’, but in fact much more.

As many Gods and Goddesses of their Aura Colour, appears to raise interest and prevent their part of the Magic Wheel loosing power. I just mention the top three here.

Colour: Violet
Zazkar: Greater God of Earth
Relagin: Contender God of Crafting
Begur: Lesser God of Alchemy

The Colour Realm of Violet, span both Essence and Mentalism

Skjald El Mary



He often visits Settlements to aid skilled or innovative Crafters about to create something extraordinare.

Skjald Sejrik

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