BORN: 27/11 1147 FA in Skelop

RACE: Realmar

REALM: Essence

AURA: Cyan

HEIGHT: 183 cm


Academy of Ri Grandmaster

Holy Star Order Gold Founder


“Almost as if he uses Mentalism… is his Hand Weaving of Essence… and Truename knowledge above most others…”

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

The eldest son of a Vular father and Jomzaar mother, Dogil, is considered of the Realmar kind. Both parents Scholars were in the royal administration of Skelop, so he grew up with access to the royal libraries and even unlimited access to the Academy of Ri from when he was a kid.

This spawned what was first thought to be a natural interest, but later it showed a natural talent for Magic. Such was his potential that, in 1155, some unknown assassination group tried to kill him by poison when he was 8 years old. But his inertial energies and resistance disregarded whatever poison, and all he wore for a week or so were the two small needle marks at his neck. I think us lucky hes such a tough one and survived to aid with the Aquerian ‘rippers’, the rare glass ingots that could paralyse the foe so they could be killed.

Regardless, after the assassination attempt, Dogil was secluded from other kids and kept in a safer environment, focusing solely on his studies. He went through books, parchments, scrolls, and whatever could be poured at his desk in no time compared to other students. 12 years old, he was about to be classified as a ‘Learner’, when one day a beast came running towards the students. Some panicked and others fled shrieking, but Dogil merely cast the most potent spell he had read about, not knowing it normally required all the energy of a fully developed mature carcass. So, he let loose, and the beast vaporised, and the nearest handful of students collapsed from his drain of their energies.

Skjald Vinotis


It has been said by several of the scholars that they at first thought him to be of the ‘Outburst’ branch, but as it was not his own but others energy, they still debate if he is in fact unique or merely a ‘Channelling’ or ‘Leeching’ branch that should have its own norms and agenda. But such things take time, and prior to the invasion, the Mages had not decided.

Skjald Valgrif


The creature ran forth… then paused… starting to fold and shrink… it withered in a blink…

Dogil the boy… was no toy… a child surely can… a carcass can… be a man…

Long they talked… yet off he walked… when oh so grown… made his own…

Skjald Kazumix


From that day on, he received special attention and training and was brought along by a large delegation. Most likely, it was what gave him a taste of state matters and insight into how to run things on a larger scale. Magic came naturally to him, so his focus of learning became how to administer and run things. Maybe this interference interferes with learning proper casting skills and correct transformation, along with his ability to ignore if enough energy is present. That at times results in excess Mana manifesting itself as an Magic Shard around his casting locations, at the expense of the prior state of whatever he manipulated.

Some even claim that he is purposely doing this as a continued study of how to successfully peel off mana and manifest it in whatever types of magic shards can come out of it. I’m not quite sure the Mages like this, but who’s to tell with the The Great Invasion going on?

Skjald Ulrich


In 1173, as a fully grown and ranked Mage, he for the first time saw the Kinoblin as they came ashore in Skelop and studied the Earth Node. He was part of a delegation overseeing these foreigners examining the Astral Site/Gate, and he told me, seemingly the only one that sensed these Kinoblin made a bond with the site—and very faintly activated it so as to send a signal out at the Astral. It was this incident that sparked his interest in the Romasai and in making a military order that could one day protect old ignorants from unknown and unseen dangers.

Skjald El Mary


So he began studying the words and actions of those he met as part of delegations to foreign powers and notable personalities. And slowly, as he discarded hundreds of powerful but unfit people, he found a few he thought could be a good founding circle.

On a trip to Braburg in 1220 to visit the T'Aurs on their island in the Bay of Braburg. He noticed an old monastery partly in the foothills of Mt. Iznog, party in ruins, it seemed. And subtle inquiries about it during their stay as well as later when they resided at Port Skipol where Lake Litham mounds out into Rabuns Fjord.

The monastery was an ancient one, previously dedicated to Ostrim. but had once been struck by plague, and the site was claimed to be haunted by restless Fylgia. and Spirits.

Dogil left the delegation when they headed home, as he wanted to travel to Obran to study at Orwoll's Observatory. He stayed there until spring 1222, when he seemingly gained the information he needed. And then left for Snaw where an old Braburg Scribe with specific knowledge was said to have retired to.

Skjald Sejrik


Arriving in Port Alburt in Snaw. He asked around and heard that such an elderly man might in fact be the one uphill in a small, rather religious village. There he met not only the old court Scribe but also a 53-year-old Cleric that had an untamed Aura so strong that—he told me once—he was tempted to see how much crystallised Magic Shards could come out of that Mana. But, joke aside, that was Regarir, the to-be religious leader of the Holy Star Order. Dogil has on several occasions told me he thinks it was fate that brought things together—or the doings of the Gods.

Regarir was writing the story of the old Scribe, as there was very little religious work to do in the village. As he seemed close to the old man, Dogil presented his question for them both to hear. After a while, the old one seemingly dug deep into memory, and he agreed.

The large peninsula at the end of the mountains, parting Braburg and Obran, belonged to neither country. Nor to the T'Aurs and could actually, if one owned the Mukadall Monastery. According to the laws of the old Hordes, one simply had to accept that, and one could actually claim all the peninsula all the way up to Lake Litham.

“I have that deed; will you two join me to make Mukadall Monastery great again?” Dogil asked.

As we know, they agreed and packed for the journey of their lives. The first stop was a villa near Orwoll’s Observatory, where Dogil had a hired Hird waiting.

Skjald Sigurd


The Hird was a clever move by Dogil, as their presence prohibited fools from doing rash things that could have had fatal outcomes. First, they presented the local authorities with the deed, and then, in the autumn of 1222, they moved into the monastery. Then both Dogil and Regarir’s friends, followers, and hired hands began to arrive in greater numbers. It was a daunting project, but they both knew it had to be done, Dogil from his experience and Regarir from the talks and research.

In the spring of 1223, Mukadall Monastery once again saw crops being sown and livestock tended. As well as prayers being heard in the hallways and at mass. The only thing they really needed to attend was to get some Fylgia-skilled people to come and soothe the roaming ones still around.

Dogil knew just the ones to contact.

Skjald Sejrik


In 1213, Dogil was staying at Ye Olde Zephyrs where he visited the ancient Shaman. Kanziganthir. While there, he met Jarl. Aragon and was impressed with the merry mood and Fylgia abilities of the man. He befriended Aragon and stayed at his house after their delegation went home. So, he was present when Neilarr, Allyr, and Lanis were assassinated. He remembers how consumed with sorrow Aragon became and of his solitude. Yet he had heard Aragon had recovered and was back at the Academy of Ea, so he sent a message.

Aragon came mid-summer and began soothing the spirits and Fylgia, and pressure loosened on some of the scared followers. Yet a few were too fond of their home and resisted leaving. So, Aragon suggested they contact a friend of his, Kalmo who he thought was of Kobold and maybe even Moss'ari blood, and that if anyone could help, it would be him.

Dogil had never met a kobold, so he was eager to meet Kalmo. So in the autumn of 1223, Kalmo walked through the gate of Mukadall Monastery and almost knocked the door to Dogil’s office off its hinges. “That door, no, all em’ doors need fixing!” is said to have been his half-grinning words to Dogil and Regarir. Aragon burst out in laughter, and the towering Shapeshifter gave the even larger Kobold descendant a huge hug, while the two leaders of the Holy Order sat somewhat baffled.

The combined effort of Aragon and Kalmo cleared the place. Meanwhile, while they were working, Dogil and Regarir were discussing the future of the order. So, they told their two guests that they could gain seats in the leading council and be considered points of the bright shining star. And if they agreed to become so, they would also be informed of the agenda of the Holy Star Order. Both of the men looked at each other, then at the leaders, and with a final look at each other, they nodded.

The next day at mass, the two towering men were initiated and became ‘points of the star’.

Skjald Ulrich


As the years passed, they grew in number, and in 1233, Dogil made his boldest move. With support from some old Hordes, great personalities like Lionel, Setil, Bergon, Organisations like the Oktogon. and, funnily enough, the T’Aurs are out in the bay. He claimed ownership of the peninsula up until Lake Azuris. Bold and really bright twisted claim, as the discussion thus did not centre around the legality of the claim. But if it was not to end at the south side of Lake Litham.

Dogil’s answer was pure genius and addressed the vagueness of the old documents. But he saw it as most clever to make one clean cut across the mountains from sea to lake, thus avoiding any peninsula stub in which the population would linger in uncertainty for years, if not decades. About this and that tax rate, who they owed allegiance to, etc. If they could raise Mukadall Monastery from dust to glory, they believed they could do so with the whole peninsula.

Needless to say, the meeting ended with a vote slightly in favour of the Holy Star Order, and they gained the whole peninsula as theirs. And with that, an eternal grudge from Nefius and some of the other Triad Traders.

After that, their military order spread like fleas across the Isles. I know they even attempted to set their steel-clad boots at Island of Piecao in 1236, but were shown the pier and a fast wind home. Dogil told me that the residing Naldar was shown so much more respect than they were, that it annoyed him so much that he displayed his annoyance. He was quite sure that this somehow had an impact on their dismissal the next day. In 1251, when they began trampling around at West Fjella, they had more success.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Thunder and lightning… the sight was frightening… all was spread… all was dead…

He was at sea… they swarmed like flea… avoided his gaze… the Godly mace…

But since then… he aided friend… and foe he smite… the Realm reunite…

Skjald Kazumix



Dogil is the leading member of the Holy Star Order.

Skjald Vinotis



He knows quite a lot of Magic Paths and needs a slight Hand Weaving to gain potency.

Skjald El Mary


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