3641 F.A. work starts

139 S.A. Ashenhall completed

517 S.A. Dawnfolk dies

518 S.A. Dawn Reborn


Amidst the thriving elite of Mankind, a volcano erupted and engulfed everything but the mighty Ashenhall.

Skjald Vinotis



Fourth Age

The mighty castle was once partly carved out of the mountain and partly stones piled atop each other, in a display of Second Age. Engineering unrivalled. In fact, it was so grand that the Gods became envious and destroyed it all. The work began in years prior The Crossing and continued until the sinking of Ljostari and the eruption of Mt. Vula. An event that litterally destroyed their town and work on Ashenhall, as well as killed their Horde. I’m certain it was this event that enraged Ukkave Goltroll and saw him argue his people and their work into restoration.

Skjald El Mary


Normally a Mortal is no match for the Gods, but the wrath of Ukkave was so grand and his tongue so sharp that he managed to blister the ears of Murf and some other gods. So they revoked the death of every single member of his tribe and had their entire City restored. In fact, his anger was so harsh and pledging so strong that those of his tribe who had been casualties earlier in the Vular War and before were randomly picked and restored. So now, horde members dating back to around 3500 FA walk and dine at the halls.

Since their cursed rebirth, Ashenhall has served as the court for the King of Dawn Reborn. And I say cursed, as thats how they see it now; the joy of rebirth has become a prison with no sign of escape, and they only fear one thing: becoming trapped in a Kinoblin Lamp.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Ashenhall is a gargantuan castle, stretching hundreds of metres towards the sky and covering more than 6 acres of land—that’s the castle. The surrounding city is Gargantuan.

Skjald Valgrif



Its Magically is constructed and thus has no seams, cracks, or weak parts. It is simply one living thing, fused together with the rest of the city, mountains, and ground.

Skjald El Mary


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