“Reality consists of physical things spun of flowing Mana threads from the Astral, weaved into existence by Vornir determining everything’s fate, as well as Gods and powerful Mana Manipulators twisting things to their will.”

Skjald Ulrich



Long before the rise of Magic Schools, Academies, order and safety, there where individuals who found out how to manipulate the Mana Sea and bend reality to their own needs or ideas. Whether they learned it from Gods, other Races or figured it out by themselves is unclear. But through time they noticed each other and some fought to death. Meanwhile others exchanged their knowledge and started to categorize their knowledge, laying the foundation of Magic Schools and Magic Paths.

Skjald El Mary


All three Magic Realms are manipulated in different ways, and as the Mana Manipulators insight and skills grows they seem to sink deeper into the Magic Realm and core Aura Colour energy and mechanics. This shroud them in the Magic Realm and their Aura Colours wrap their mind and carcass. Making it increasingly harder to learn Magic Paths at the other side of the Magic Wheel. Studying Magic Paths of either Magic Realm, means aligning with Gods and this is seen in the Aura Colour of any Mana Manipulator. Furthermore, there’s a difference in how fast one can interact and manipulate reality, and the more complex an attempt, the longer it takes and the more energy it consumes.

Skjald Sejrik



Magic is divided into the realms of Channelling, Mentalism and Essence and all three are divided into Magic Paths. All Paths are tied to a group of Gods as these seems to be drawn to, and aided, as any Mana Manipulator even in Essence and Mentalism use their Aura Colours. Mana Manipulators are founded in one of the three different Magic Realms, each manipulated in different ways. Thus, their seperation and distinguished Magic Paths. Some Mana Manipulators are of such odd power that they don’t draw energy from Channelling or Essence. They are able to create a flow of energies, more rooted in the mind of the Mana Manipulator, than in the Gods or Nature. This is Mentalism and are rooted in Spirit (Cyan) or Body (Red), also divided into five Aura Colours.

Skjald Vinotis


Manipulating the Mana Sea can be enhanced using ingredients, but also by adding in excess Mana in the form of Magic Shards. These most often appear when Mana Manipulators are sloppy, or purposedly not Truenaming the released energies. Or from Mana leaks directly from the Astral. Theres 8 of these shards and one multicolored oddity:

Skjald El Mary



As studies in Magic Paths brings one deeper into ones Aura Colour and thus further away from its opposite. One can’t learn the opposite unless skilled beyond most mortals capacity. The Human currently covering most of the Magic Wheel is Deepminded, spanning 7 out of 8 Magic Wheel Colours.

Skjald Valgrif


Being able to use magic is a dangerous thing, especially when showing off at the wrong place, and I never forget that day at “The Prudent Mule”, in Pikleby in Ivory Vale, where a card-playing group suddenly erupted in large discussion, ending with one of them jumping up and showing that he was a skilled and perceptive one, deep into the arts of Channelling divine energies, he started to utter Truenames at a skinny man opposite the table.

Yet as he was foolish enough to back his arguments with a rather powerful Channelling, taking quite some time to cast. The recipient of the energies had no intention of feeling whatever unpleasantries his opponent was unleashing, so he jumped up and revealed himself a Magic user as well. Hand Weaving quite elaborately and with great certainty, meanwhile shoving ingredients towards the chanting fool. He was clearly a manipulator of the Essence, going for a quicker released stunning effect, less lethal yet situation ending effect.

Their actions startled all the surrounding card players, and guests at the nearby tables panicked and started to flee or hide, save for me and a hooded drunkard who merely stared wide eyed and mumbling in fear to himself. It was quite funny to see others in the inn panic and him merely freezing over.

Just as the  hannelling realized the outcome to be, and the Essence manipulator released his small Lightning bolt, I noticed at the corner of the eye that the drunkard tightened his lips and narrowed his eyes. Way to focused on the men in conflict than mere fear and bewilderment. And at that exact moment, the manipulators hand twisted out of sync and his ingredient pouches flung up into the erupting Lightning Bolt, causing it to go out of control and grow into a pulsing ball of electricity and magma-flames.

Both shrieked as their bodies where touched by elements and divine energies, they bent, twisted and where ripped open. As their contained Mana streamed out, they exploded in a spray of coloured lights, blood, and guts… almost hitting my mug of ale…

The silence that came after was deafening, everyone held their breath and sat frozen or laid in prone fear. Except the hooded, not so drunk Mentalist, who took a long gulp of his mead and rose slowly as he eyed the room. I am to this day certain I saw a blink of power-recognition in his eye and a slight smiling twist of lips as we shared the glimpse. I gave a nod of appreciation of a well-cast hidden spell, but we never spoke of it again.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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