-6000 D.A Founded the Archaic Empire

-5800 D.A. Attacked by Moss'Ari

600 F.A. Their empire collapsed


“Originally it was the language used at the Vular temples.”

Skjald Sejrik



Its said to have been used at the Vular temples , before The Crossing. Since that, their long stay at Ljostari where they interacted heavily with the Ljost Alfar, T'Aurs and Kobold. Have altered grammatic and pronouncing so much, that the Ljostari Scholars who still remember the first encounters, say its totally different now -which is yet another cup of water in the feud between the Races.

But from what I myself have read, I have to agree with the Ljostari, at least for the written part.

Skjald Ulrich



Its a good language to know, especially as it opens the arms of Vular

Skjald El Mary

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