BORN: 01/10 1199 in Andalus

REALM: Essence

AURA: Violet

HEIGHT: 181 cm



1199 Born

1215 Catcher of Inti

1218 left Inti

1238 Joined Ye Olde Zephyrs



“Swifthand… was a well-earned nick… even Gods could trick…”

Skjald Kazumix



In the foothills of Venke Mountains where the Barren Valley narrows and Manhover Creek runs fastest deep below the steep sides, Lies the town of Inti, a thriving place due to the trade routes going through. Here a Rat Catcher and Dyer sired 4 children. The youngest was Kitusr.

Skjald Sejrik


Growing up, he helped his father hunt and carried hides for his mother. Despite his slim build, the lad became as strong as he was agile. His strength became a little more visible when he came of age and suddenly grew like some watered garden plant. The build was a benefit, though, as he began to hunt the rough lands and mountains for rare hides and furs. When he was 16, he had gathered more rare ones than any other hunter in town. And the city council awarded him the Title ‘Catcher of Inti’. He cared less for the title than the two silvers a month it brought home. Securing his family from starving.

After the award, he also began working as a guide for visitors to the area and travelling traders. And then things became exciting for him because many stories about the islands were heard while trotting alongside strangers. And he became quite curious about the world out there. And in 1218, he followed a caravan out of his area and never came back.

Skjald Valgrif


No Skjald seemingly knows what Kitusr did from 1218 until 1238, when he appeared at the gates of Ye Olde Zephyrs. But he had no problems passing their tests, and within a few years he was a member of the central hird, at times accompanying Kanziganthir to the Astral to fetch Shards. How Kanziganthir could do that is a mystery to me, as I have heard it is impossible to gather excess, or should I say freed Mana there. But they at times came back packed with shards of all colours.

Skjald Vinotis


When Black Oak, Kanziganthir and a few others left for Grimsborg, Kitusr stayed in Grindaa. He was there when The Great Invasion struck Ye Olde Zephyrs. As the enemies outnumbered the proud Hordes numbers 1:45 or so, they eventually had to abandon their ancient city and retreat into the wilderness. From there, Kitusr has since waged war on foes; he is not part of the Cleansing Crusade but works towards a similar goal.

Skjald El Mary

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