The’D Fish


BORN: 23/01 1163 FA in Scia

RACE: Ogryl

REALM: Essence

AURA: Cyan

HEIGHT: 184 cm




3rd of The Three Herolds



1163 Born

1170 Meet Wilson

1175 Came home

1180 Went to Srillo

1250 3rd Herold

1264 2nd Herold

1282 1st Herold


None, we know, can flawlessly recite as many Coat of Arms as The’D Fish.

Skjald Valgrif



Fourth Age

In 1163, Ed Ar was born the first son of a Fisher and a Woodcarver. and as a kid, he preferred playing at the shore of Lake Ancorr at the eastern end of the gargantuan Oldrim Valley. Always splashing in the water or diving, as time passed and skills grew, into the Widow Caves at the lake’s eastern side.

There he found several remains of long-lost divers or unlucky travellers from high above who had stepped on the wrong grass or slipped on a stone. These finds, of course, revealed that he dived there despite strict warnings not to do so. But the more he found, the bigger his interest in old things and who the corpses were. So he began to study old records of lost people.

Skjald Ulrich


At the age of 7, he one day dove deep into a cave, and when emerging from a hole he had not previously visited, he saw a red-haired man signalling to him to be silent and pointed. Across the dark surface, at a hangout in the hole side, sat a really nasty-looking green slimy creature, staring right at him.

With a mighty backflip, it entered the water, accompanied by a curse from the man. As the creature darted through the water, Ed swam the fastest he had ever done, to the sound of jaws clashing to cut off his legs. The man yanked him up and used the momentum to spin-spear his great two-hander right through a cloud of splintering teeth. “My god, you swim like a fish lad. I’m Wilson and that’s a Marshlip. The easiest one killed so far, by the way, thanks for distracting it.”.

When they came to town, Wilson praised the boys swimming abilities and said it had been a great aid in killing the monster. Since then, he’s used his nick with pride, as this was the start of a 5-year-long period as an apprentice to a monster hunter. When he was about to come of age, Wilson brought him back and left that same day. Both have, to my knowledge, not shared the events during those 5 years, but The’D Fish had become a broad-shouldered excellent swimmer and quite skilled with blades and staff.

Skjald El Mary


In 1180, The’D decided to travel to Srillo, the capital of Scia. Where he spent the next 50 years advancing through their state administration. In 1230, he suddenly left and was not recorded again until 1249, where he was seen at Ye Olde Zephyrs beside Black Oak.

In 1250, he became the 3rd ranked in The Three Herolds of the High King, a title he held until 1264, when Doodman advanced to 1st. During this time, he was one of the three that travelled the most when the court moved around. Both for the Fairs but also to temporarily settle disputes amongst Nobility.

1277, when The Great Invasion hit, he rode out alongside the High King, survived the sally, but was forced to retreat back into Grimsborg. How he escaped is unknown, but he now rides with the old Black Oak in the Cleaning Crusade, ranked 1st of Herolds.

Skjald Valgrif



Has vast knowledge about nobility, coat of arms, and heredity, which has been invaluable since the Great Invasion.

Skjald Skjald Sejrik

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