Sunstone of the Blue Ocean



“For more than a milennia it shone from the crown topping the Sharun of Sunborn, then, with a sizzling its homw sank into the lava head of the eldest Lava Imp.”

Skjald El Mary



Claimed to be the only divine teardrop landing outside Lake Mirror it has since the dawn of N'Aldaan Empire adorned their Emperors crown.

Skjald Valgrif

When the N’aldaan Nobility joined The Realm the gem was removed from the Sharun of Sunborns crown and placed into the crown of the High King. In The Great Invasion the High King was slain and the crown dissapeared. Now, the N’aldaan are roaming the entire Realm to recover it.



Its said that the Lava Imps boiling lava did not manage to dissolve the N’alddan crown and it was for long laying at some table at Mt. Vula, being pryed, studied and tested. But now its back in the hands of the N’aldaan. Awaiting its gem to come home.


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