Sunstone of the Blue Ocean



“For more than a millennia it shone from the crown of the Sharun of Sunborn, then, with a sizzling hizz its golden home sank into the head of the eldest Lava Imp.”

Skjald El Mary



Claimed to be the only divine teardrop landing outside Lake Mirror and crystalizing.At the dawn of N'Aldaan Empire, it was carved by a team of Dwarf and Drakk Alfar. Since it has adorned their Emperors Izno-Gold crown up until the N’Aldaan submission to the High King when they joined The Realm.

Skjald Valgrif


When the N’aldaan Nobility joined The Realm the Gems was removed from the Sharun of Sunborns crown and this one placed into the crown of the High King as the Blue gemstone. In The Great Invasion, as the High King was slain, the crown dissapeared and no one has seen it since. So, now N’aldaan treasure hunters are roaming the entire Realm, to recover it and bring honour back to the new Emperor. Who urgently needs this to perform the proper ritual and ascend their throne.

Skjald Ulrich



It must have been either the Gem or the Lava Imps deliberate trick, but its boiling lava did not dissolve the N’alddan crown back when gems was eemoved. After the ceremony, almost out of energy, it had stumbled when it tried to reach a seat. As it fell and its head emptied the crown floated out. Quickly grabbed by a nearby royalist it disapeared in the skirts and sleves of the crowd. A few days later though, the high end authorities managed to get their gands on it and then it just laid at some table at Mt. Vula for decades. Being pryed, studied and tested as they found it wierd it hadn’t melted but seemingly drained the Lava Imp.

With The Great Invasion and the downfall of The Realm, the N’Aldaan have managed to get it back in their hands. Ecen fitted with all the other original Gems, it’s just Awaiting its main gem to return.

Skjald Vinotis

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