From muscular to stocky.

Height: (cm)

Females: 140-155

Males: 150-165

Weight: (kg)

Females: 70-85

Males: 75-100

Lifespan: (yr)

Females: 420-425

Males: 410-415


Pale to golden to brown.


Mostly brown, golden, yellow or white.







“These short-legged morsels of living rock, older than most, are the foundation of folklore.”

Skjald Ulrich



Dark Ages

Long before our World, in the Dark Ages of The Void, Dwarves blinked their eyes open. How they came to be, like most of the N-Erectus, is a mystery, and they remained to themselves for many millennia, save for the unexpected encounters with Wickeryadi.

They all seem to have originated from the same camp and sent scouts across The Void. They spread out like ten fingers, and at the tips, they formed their own camps, becoming selv-governed Clans. They all evolved into powerful Tribes throughout time, thanks to their leaders, who became Kings. All Divine, Other, and Archaic Races were avoided, save the Wickeryadi Race.

Until Ühmrar's tribe in what became Mt. Ljostia at Ljostari, the most open-minded of them all, permitted his people to intermarry with a Neander tribe they met. Some folklore suggests that this is the origin of the Moss'ari, although this is not the case. The Izir was the result of this.

Skjald Sejrik


The first and second houses became open to other races, and intermarried on a bigger scale throughout time. Except for exceptionally rare marriages with other Dwarven Houses, the other nine Houses kept their blood separate. Thus, the Zanzi-Izir sprang in 8581 from Dwarves of the First House and Archaic.

Skjald Vinotis


First Age

When the Divines formed our World, the 11 Dwarves Tribes utilised their Void Weaving abilities to keep the Divines from clumping them all together, allowing them to be spread out throughout what is now known as The Realm.

Skjald Ulrich


They appeared during the 1st Cataclysm. Thoug chose to associate with Vampires since they were of Alfar ancestry. Dwarves immediately formed close relationships with them, and with the rest of the Drakk Alfar and Ljost Alfar. They then learnt Skills such as Crafting, Enhancing and Alchemy from them.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Second Age

When the swarm it came… Dwarven lost their fame…

City, town, stronghold, and crevasse… empty of sound…

Mile by mile they lost their ground… ores… and joy…

Eventually cutting off… their Human girl and boy…

Skjald Kazumix


Third Age

As the Wanderers flooded the islands and began colonising the territories, the Vular, in particular, coveted every lore and craftings discovered. Conflicts began to simmer and explode. Humans quickly outnumbered the long-lived Dwarves as generations passed because of their breeding and short lifetime. And they gradually lost trust in the Humans in general, especially Wanderers, and even their own Izir offspring. A schism that sparked another divide among the indigenous elder races, Ljost Alfar and Drakk Alfar, who began to avoid Dwarves as a result of this road of isolation. As a result, tensions rose and the races grew increasingly secretive to the others. Armed battles eventually erupted between the races, sparking a full-fledged war – where the Vular had the audacity to rename Mt. Ljostia and announce the Isle for themselves.

It concluded with the Vornir proclaiming that their work was flawed and released all of the Truenames in the Hymn of Truenames. What happened was up to the Boriac and the Gods. The Gods joyfully stepped in and began to strategize and plot their positions. However, when Boriacs walked out of the Astral and onto our World, they attacked Vular, Dwarves , and both Alfar Races. The Gods flung themselves in on several sides. As a result of the collision, Ljostari was devoured and plunged into The Deep Blue. Replaced by a volcano that devoured the Dwarves , permanently altering their Souls.

Since the conclusion of the war, all Other Races have grown far from Humans, and Vular’s power has never returned.

Skjald El Mary


Fourth Age

The Dwarves resided in high mountains, therefore aside from the 1st House, they were unharmed by the Deep Blue Tsunami. Those Arisen who attempted to infiltrate Dwarves territory were promptly killed or chased out of the region. As a result, Dwarves and Arisen are at odds. The Dwarves didn’t get involved in all of the 1st Alliance and The Realm nonsense. And when the Invaders swarmed in 1277, they were hesitant to help – but in 1281, during the Battle of Weeping Plains, they eventually arrived – and their strong arms and keen weapons slashed deep and serverely into the Invaders.

Skjald Ulrich


Fifth Age

Dwarves have retreated into their strongholds once more, leaving The Scorched Dawn to those of Humankind.

Skjald Yell’a’Beard



They live in Tribes of several family Clans, with a single Male taking the position of leader and being referred to as King. Each major tribe has a single King, and its Tribes are spread over The Realm.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


The first House Kings

King of the First House, Ühmrar Zänziliibûhr, in Ljostari on Mt. Vula. When it exploded and sunk, their House where destroyed.


Mulvû Koroztazar, 2nd House King, in Darin. They intermarried with Heidel, giving rise to the Koroz-Izir.


Eröme Legümāfad, King of the Third House, in the heart of Utari in The Spire, at the crossroads of Bilza, Hokul, Quigly and Remas.


Amovir Môllêromi, 4th House King, at Findon in Ugrens dominant Mt. Xiza.


Gottûr Æêcimylli, King of the Fifth House, at Markeoy, near the crossroads of Braburg, Efron, Obran, and Skium. Mt. Azül rises over the surrounding landscape. And, to the Niapids Rivlets to the NorthKirby's River to the West, Tortoise Creek to the South and Wickram Marshes to the East.


Hämmû Kliptûmir, King of the 6th House, Mt. Pakit and Mt. Pokul are located in East Fjella, on the Border between Grebi, Tornix, and Usai, with the huge Paok Kettle to the west and the Limarrian Plateau to the east.


Jorgmûd Vultârrik, 7th House King, at West Fjella. Mt. Jilte is located on the border between Apal and Claun, withGraveyard Valley to the west.


Brimbôer Bartōmūk, 8th House King, in Midgard. Dwäru Plateau, below Mt. Marlü, between Ladris, Lesmus, and Trov.


King of the 9th House, Hrapniiri Fikirötâv, at Mealis. Pearlin, on the south slope of Mt. Pearlin, extending into the Gemstone Foothills Hrapni Bay


Dálálài Jôtûbâr, king of the 10th House on Dalip Isle, was the 10th House’s ruler. The Diamond Paks are located in Bowei, and the Realm of is located at their eastern end. With a magnificent harbour built onto Ghuntabaal’s rocky beach.


At Naldar, Hakätamō Ikidöestâ, King of the 11th House. An location between Mt. Ainam, Azami Spire, Mt. Bayla, and Mt. Umdur on the border between Jabos and Seviels. Umdurs Kettle looms above the mountains.


Pitorël Manzüwix was the first Master of Dwarwen House Herold. He established their joint library, Mt. Pitor, in Midgard, on the border of Fogwald, Sarova, and Uhmzel.

Skjald Valgrif



They often reside in massive cities, castles, libraries, and labs built out of solid mountain granite. They occasionally build with piled rock parts, and only in extremely rare cases do they build with bricks or lumber, as they are uncomfortable with wood or similar weak buildings. They obey their King’s orders, and everyone has a role in a complicated hierachy.

Skjald El Mary



They have the ability to see in complete darkness.

Skjald Sigurd


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