BORN: 3/4 1203 in Noriag

RACE: Pigryn/Rimzir

REALM: Essence


HEIGHT: 191cm



Prince of Noriag

Leader of Swine-Bro's Gang



1203 S. A. Born

1221 S. A. Free Bila Frett

1170 S. A. join 1st Alliance

1250 S. A. Knighted of The Realm


“From the loins of a Pigryn and grown to life in a Human Queen, this Half-Human became a true Hero.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



When the Pigryn invasion in S.A. 1202 at Pigs Bay in Noriag took place. A small yet stron contingent managed to breach the gates to the chambers of the royal family. Luckily a defending army contingent passed by and came to the rescue. Killing all invaders but one Pigryn and his Sproblin thrall servant. Who barred the door to the Queens chamber.

The King personally kicked down the door, rushed in and cut the Pigryn's head clean off. Stomping off with the head to show the people victory,

Skjald Vinotis



Coming of age he created Swine-Bro's Gang  often roaming the lands for Monsters and in time it became a small gang of occasional followers.

Skjald Ulrich



Exceptionally strong, and at times he mount the gargantuan Hound ‘Rock-Jaw’









Skjald Sejrik

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