From muscular to stocky


Females: 195-200

Males: 200-205


Females: 75-95

Males: 90-120


Females; 70-90

Males: 60-75


Pale, pink, gold, and reddish.


Dyed to tribe colour






Almost like stampeding cattle… they swarm into any battle… ignoring most wounds!

Skjald Kazumix



Yell'a'Beard told me that back in Kultu they live in huge tribes, huddled up in gargantuan monestaries. Almost as the Tatongol or N'Aldaan. According to Yell’a’Beard their hubs strecth from The Rim all the way up north -in-between the Kinoblin and Romasai kingdoms. Thus, its possible to meet them as non-furred golden-reddish skinned from up north or pale-furred from down around the Rim.

Skjald Valgrif





When they disembarked from the Kinoblin Junks and swarmed the peninsula to lay siege to the Holy Star Order. It came as a surprise how fierce they fought, how much stamina they had, and how many and deep wounds they could endure before succumbing. They where indeed the right adversary to the Paladins of the order.

Skjald El Mary


General Description

Distinguished by being stocky to fat but muscular humanoid with pig-like heads, large 3-finger hands with clawlike nails, pigs trotter’s for feet and most likely a red roster comb and a long beard tied in a thin robe. The war-tribe Pigryns from Outlands now have a hard time hiding in crowds, regardless if its the bare skinned or furred ones and most discovered equals a fight for life.

Skjald Ulrich






According to Yell’a’Beard Pigryn hubs with their gargantuan underlying net of tunnels strecth from The Rim all the way up north -in-between the Kinoblin and Romasai kingdoms. But only in roughlands, foothills or mountains as they seem to have a dislike for the steppes, coastal and riwer areas.

Here in what was The Realm they are as good as eradicated as theres been extensive tunnel hunts besides the Cleansing Crusade. But if you sight one or more and ain’t a Hero -run!

Skjald Sigurd



Their Nobility are more remote to the lowborn than Human sub-races from Naldar. Each Clan leader is obeyed without question and should internal dispute arise, matters are solved by a duel to the death. As there can be no doubt in leadership, force or talent.

They seemingly have both brute Soldier and Worker classes, and a more clever Officer class -at times even as skilled Mana Manipulators within their military ranks.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



They can ignore wounds that would fell other Mortals and have extremely much stamina.

Skjald Sejrik


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