From muscular to stocky


Females: 195-200

Males: 200-205


Females: 75-95

Males: 90-120


Females; 70-90

Males: 60-75


Pale, pink, gold, and reddish.


Dyed to tribe colour






Almost like stampeding cattle, they swarm into any battle, ignoring most wounds!

Skjald Kazumix



They are a species of tall, strong, and stocky-fat bipeds, gaining their nickname due to their porcine traits, like an upturned, large-nostriled cartilaginous snout, jowls, and somewhat large tusks. They favour their hair, likely a red roster comb, and wear their beards tied in a long, thin robe. Their hulking bodies are either covered in greyish or brownish fur or hairless with thick pinkish skin. They have four thick fingers, each sporting a hard nail. Their fingers include an opposable thumb, allowing them to easily grasp and handle objects. Their strong legs end in feet like those on pigs. They have two sexes: the males, referred to as boars, and the females, called sows.


Skjald Sigurd



Yell'a'Beard told me that back in Kultu they live in huge tribes, huddled up in gargantuan monestaries. Almost as the Tatongol or N'Aldaan. According to Yell’a’Beard, their hubs stretch from The Rim all the way up north, in-between the Kinoblin and Romasai kingdoms. Thus, it is possible to meet them as non-furred, golden-reddish-skinned from up north, or pale-furred from down around the Rim.

Skjald Valgrif




When they disembarked from the Kinoblin Junks and swarmed the peninsula to lay siege to the Holy Star Order. It came as a surprise how fiercely they fought, how much stamina they had, and how many deep wounds they could endure before succumbing. They were indeed the right adversary to the Paladins of the order.

Skjald El Mary



According to Yell’a’Beard Pigryn hubs with their gargantuan underlying net of tunnels stretching from The Rim all the way up north, in-between the Kinoblin and Romasai kingdoms, but only in roughlands, foothills, or mountains, as they seem to have a dislike for the steppes, coastal, and rocky areas.

Here in what was The Realm They are as good as eradicated, as there have been extensive tunnel hunts besides the Cleansing Crusade. But if you sight one or more and ain’t a hero, run!

Skjald Ulrich



According to what we experienced in the Great Invasion and what Yell’A’Beard has told us from his trip to the Outlands, Pigryn society is clan-based, with each clan ruled by a matron, and her chosen male, who becomes their warlord, obeys without question to lead them in the violent clashes that were rife. So, as their society is a matriarchy with warlords chosen based on their combat skills, It’s not uncommon for a Matron to have had more warlords than siblings, as an unsuccessful or outbested warlord was quickly replaced or killed in duels to the death.

Because of the rather low intelligence amongst most Pigryn, they have both brute soldiers, lowborn worker classes, and a more clever officer class—who at times even act as skilled mana manipulators supporting their military ranks. Regardless of class, they tend to be stubborn; philosophically, they believe that any problem can be solved by hitting it with brute force.

Their language sounds like grunts and squeals to outsiders, and they can understand other languages, such as common, but find most of them too difficult to pronounce. They favour melee weapons over missiles. They never use Astravel on their own.

Skjald Vinotis


We know their invasion leader was a warlord, and due to several clashes and distant observations, we figured at least three commanding levels below that one. Revealing their ranks, and thus their skill level, at a distance can be done by counting how many skulls their group leader is carrying, wearing, or hauling along.

4 or more. Shoot it all at once.

3 Skulls is a leader of extraordinary strength, brutality, wit, and experience. Generally leading very large groups of Pigryn with a strategic goal.

2 Skulls is a strong, cunning brute with several battles under his belt. Generally leading a large or several groups of Pigryn with a tactical goal.

1 skull is a leader that can have been demoted, one that is cunning beyond brutality, or a rising star. Generally, these pigryns have operational tasks, and most likely they have done so before.

Skjald Sejrik



They ignore wounds that would fall on other Mortals and have extremely much stamina.

Skjald Sejrik


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