From slim to muscular.


Females: 95-110

Males: 105-115


Females: 20-25

Males: 25-30


Females; 310-320

Males: 300-310


Green with blueish tint


Yellow, rarely white.


Red to Yellow.


  • Greater Common

    Greater Ancient





  • Bila 'Ratchet' Frett
  • Chieftain Burdug
  • Shaman Groth
  • Chieftain Skarn
  • Shaman Zaria
  • Chieftain Brala
  • Matriarch Griselda
  • Brum and Tingle
  • Pota Brumbach


“They came to our shores in a thousand boats; driven by their masters, they swarmed and clawed the very fabric of society.”

Skjald Vinotis


Sproblin History

Fourth Age

The Sproblin diaspora’s history in The Realm is a tale of invasion, subjugation, and eventual adaptation. They came to our part of the World a long time ago, most likely from South of The Rim or from the uncharted Outlands.

865 The Great Swarm: Driven ashore from large boats by their Pigryn Beastmasters Sproblins in howling packs flooded into the realm. They swarmed the coasts in massive fleets, tearing through the land like a destructive tide. Cutting deep into the Isles, they carved nests of hiding as they surged onwards.

901 Rebellion and Resistance: The human inhabitants of the Realm had fiercely resisted the onslaught. While the Sproblins were formidable in numbers, their reliance on the Pigryns for leadership proved to be a weakness. So, as defenders organised, stood their ground, and began repressing the invasion tide, their advance halted. This resulted in Sproblins preferring freedom from their cruel masters to fighting the Realm’s defenders. So every time their forces broke, the Sproblins fled and deserted.

905 The Broken Horde: Decisive battles had finally shattered the invading ranks, and a purging pursuit began. The Pigryns were systematically eliminated, leaving leaderless Sproblins scattered and desperate. Driven by both persecution and a natural affinity for underground spaces, the Sproblins sought refuge in cave networks and abandoned mines. As they managed to dig deep into our soil before resistance found and eradicated them, they lingered, multiplied, and expanded their nests.

Skjald Ulrich

They developed their skills in crafting and herbalism, utilising the natural resources of the deep and the wild. Sproblins spread throughout what became the Realm, but their communities were isolated and hidden. They are wary of humans, remembering the conflicts of the past.

Unknown why, they have always soothed the brute Pigryn masters. Thus, their skills in jesting and entertainment come naturally to Sproblin.

Skjal El Mary


Bila 'Ratchet' Frett's anomalous story is unique. Bila’s release, due to Prince Swine-Bro's whim, hints at the complex relationship between Sproblins and humans. Some humans recognised the good in some Sproblins. Bila’s skills as a bard and member of Swine Bro’s gang showcase the duality of Sproblin’s nature.

Bila Frett’s unique position as a Sproblin living openly amongst humans was pivotal. He acted as a bridge between the two races, fostering understanding and promoting cooperation between the races. He heralded most of the monster-slayer connections. However, he also faced suspicion from both sides—humans wary of his Sproblin heritage and some Sproblins questioning his loyalty.

Skjald Sejrik


The Great Invasion

The return of the Pigryns and a new wave of Sproblins sent shockwaves through Sproblin society, creating a complex mix of reactions. This event was a turning point in Sproblin’s history, forcing them to confront their past and redefine their place in the world.

Memories of past subjugation sprang fresh in the minds of older Sproblins. They urged caution and advocated for hidden defences and a life in isolation.

Many Sproblins, especially those who had integrated peacefully with humans, felt a surge of anger at the return of their oppressors. This led to vengeance, or, for some, a willingness to fight alongside humans to repel the invaders.

Younger Sproblins, with no firsthand experience of the Pigryns’ cruelty, felt a sense of kinship with the newcomers. This created a rift within Sproblin communities, with some questioning their place in the Realms shadows and joining Pigryn-led forces. Resulting in their entire groups being enslaved.

Some Sproblin groups, particularly those in vulnerable locations or who had members joining the invaders, chose to flee deeper underground or scatter, hoping to avoid the conflict altogether.

Some Sproblin leaders, like Chieftain Burdug, saw an opportunity to exploit the situation. They offered their crafting and monster hunting services to the humans in exchange for protection and concessions.

Inspired by Bila Frett’s anomalous story, the crisis became a catalyst for the strong Sproblin leader Shaman Groth, with her water magic, and Chieftain Skarn, with his martial prowess, to emerge and unify the disparate communities.

Skjald Sigurd


Despite the fact that they live throughout the realm, they mostly live in hidden secrecy, and finding their domains is very difficult. However, some Sproblin populations have integrated more peacefully, and their locations are known by the local population. Some even act as Sproblin monster hunting groups or characters, offering their services:

Deep within the twisting tunnels of the Mossdeep Mines at Utari resides Chieftain Burdug. A squat Sproblin with skin the colour of aged moss and a thick beard like tangled roots, Burdug is a pragmatist. He leads his people in the endless task of extracting minerals and forging useful tools from the mine’s bounty. Burdug’s community is known for their exceptional craftsmanship and strict adherence to tradition. They revere the mines as a source of both livelihood and spiritual connection to the earth.

In the mist-shrouded expanse of the Whisperlight Marsh of northern Markeoy lives Shaman Zaria. A slender Sproblin with iridescent green skin and hair like wisps of marsh gas, Zaria communes with the spirits of the swamp. Her people live in harmony with the marsh, harvesting its unique flora for their herbal concoctions and navigating its treacherous bogs with an uncanny sense of direction. Zaria’s wisdom is often sought by outsiders seeking safe passage through the marsh or specific curative herbs.

High atop the volcanic Emberhold Peaks at East Fjella dwells Chieftain Skarn. A battle-hardened Sproblin with skin the colour of cooled lava and eyes that glow like embers, Skarn leads a fierce and martial community. They live in carved caverns heated by geothermal vents and are skilled in crafting weapons and armour that can withstand the harsh volcanic environment. Skarn’s people are known for their bravery and their willingness to take on dangerous contracts, venturing into monster-infested volcanic regions to retrieve rare minerals or slay fire-based creatures.

Hidden beneath a glistening lake at Naldar lies the Sunken Grotto, a bioluminescent underwater cavern overseen by Shaman Groth. A wizened Sproblin with skin the colour of aged coral and eyes that gleam with an inner light, Groth presides over a community of Sproblins who have adapted to the moist cave life. Groth is a master of water magic, and his people are known for their skill in cultivating rare underwater plants.

Within the ancient and enigmatic Whispering Wood at Dalip lives Chieftain Brala. A nimble Sproblin with skin the colour of aged bark and hair that resembles windblown leaves, Brala leads a community that lives in harmony with the forest. They build their homes in the boughs of towering trees and possess an uncanny ability to speak with woodland creatures. Brala is a master of illusions and deception; her people are known for their skill in archery and silent movement. They are fiercely protective of the forest and are wary of outsiders, but their knowledge of the woods is invaluable to those seeking rare ingredients or lost treasures.

Skjald Valgrif




They prefer to live in carved caves and cities, turning every Resource into an Item. Finding their domains is normally difficult.

Sproblins carve elaborate dwellings and even cities within cave systems. They are resourceful and waste nothing, turning every scrap into a useful tool or item.

The basic unit of Sproblin society is the family group. Several families might cluster together for mutual defence or trade, but there were no large-scale Sproblin kingdoms or empires.

Each Sproblin community has a chieftain for leadership and a shaman for spiritual guidance and herbal knowledge.

Despite their forced servitude in the past, some Sproblins retain a primal urge for the hunt. This manifests in hunting for dangerous creatures or even monster slaying, a service some barter to humans in exchange for safe passage or resources.

Sproblins have developed a natural talent for entertainment, honed as a way to appease their Pigryn overlords. Bards and jesters are common figures in Sproblin society, providing amusement and keeping traditions alive.

The Sproblins arrived with their own dietary preferences, but they also developed an appreciation for our ingredients and cuisine. Thus, they have created quite a kitchen, although I strongly urge caution if served by a Sproblin chef. They’re frequently jesting, and they do employ things that we would not typically consume. However, with the correct outlook, chewing through their platters may be a delightful experience. So, should we also…?

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


The Tunnel Claws: This is a notorious monster-hunting guild operating in the sprawling cave network known as the Verdigris Deep, in Oglan at West Fjella. They are a family-run business led by the formidable Matriarch Griselda, a Sproblin with a mane of white hair and a steely glint in her red eyes. Her children, a quadruplet team known as “The Ferrets,” are renowned for their acrobatic teamwork and ruthless efficiency. They specialise in taking down subterranean horrors like lurkers, giant cave spiders, and even the elusive shadow serpents.

While effective, the Tunnel Claws are expensive and known for their gruff demeanor. They often leave a mess in their wake, which has earned them the ire of some human settlements near cave entrances.

Brum and Tingle: This unlikely duo consists of Brum, a hulking male Sproblin with incredible strength, and Tingle, a wiry female Sproblin with a natural affinity for magic. Despite their contrasting appearances, they are best friends and incredibly effective monster hunters. Brum uses his brute force to distract and overpower creatures, while Tingle casts debilitating spells and illusions to weaken them. They are known for their boisterous personalities and love of a good tavern brawl after a successful hunt.

Brum and Tingle are more affordable than the Tunnel Claws and tend to operate in smaller towns and villages, throughout southern Midgard, endearing themselves to the locals with their humour and genuine love for protecting communities.

The Silent Order: Led by Pota Brumbach, this enigmatic group of Sproblin monster hunters is shrouded in mystery. They operate in the far northern reaches of the Realm, in Gartia at Findon, a desolate and monster-ridden region. Clad in dark cloaks and wielding strange, glowing weapons, the Silent Order takes a more mystical approach to their work. They believe monsters are manifestations of a deeper imbalance and use rituals and chants alongside their combat skills to permanently banish these creatures.

The Silent Order rarely interacts with humans, preferring to work in solitude. However, their deeds are whispered in taverns and around campfires, with some humans believing them to be a near-mythical group of Sproblin monster slayers.

Skjald Ulrich



Sproblins are… capable of great mechanical feats.

Skjald Kazumix

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