BORN: 30/9 1135 FA in Ebrar

RACE: Rimzir/Jomzaar

REALM: Essence


HEIGHT: 183 cm




  • Hunter of The Realm
  • Hunter of Oktogon


“We know of no other more dare-develing Human alive than Wilson ‘The Mouth’.”

Skjald Sejrik



Fourth Age

In 1135, the town of Mostul in the Rinti Marshlands heard the first cries of a newborn Rimzir. The parents, a Rimzir Eel fisher fisher and his Jomzaar Woodcarver wife, was glad their firstborn survived the hard labour.

They spent as much time as they could educating the lad, teaching him not only their crafts but also having him visit family and neighbours to study their crafts. And the kid loved it; learning was a game to him, and he chewed himself through childhood having fun while becoming quite skilled at several crafts.

Then, in 1145, disaster struck the family, as his father was attacked by something in the water while stalking eels. He lost his left leg in that attack, and it scared the town senseless. The elders gathered, and after a brief discussion, it was decided to see if any Monster Hunters were willing to come to their aid. The only one they could find was a caravan guide from Uhmzel called Murf'ar. Wilson told me he’d never forget that day, when a man more than 2 metres tall and muscular like an ox walked into their town and, with a gentle voice, presented himself as Murf’ar, there to find the hungry eel. Two weeks later, he was gone, and the Monster hung toothless and dead at the village centre.

That was when Wilson decided he wanted to slay monsters as well.

Skjald Vinotis


He spent the next 25 years training in weapons, acrobatics, climbing, swimming, and hard physical labour to earn money for the family. He began taking on nuisance wildlife, then beasts, and eventually what others would characterise as monsters. At times, when emissaries from either Ebrar or Mumak came to collect taxes and demand loyalty by force, he gently escorted them off or into the cold, dark waters of the marshes. Because the Rimzir paid homage or bent the knee to none, especially not under threat of punishment.

Skjald Sejrik


In 1170, he heard about a rather large number of travellers dissapearing down south-west in Scia around a place called the Widow Caves. As there were no rumours about robbers or thieves’ spending spoils, his gut feeling told him there was a task to complete and loot to be claimed.

Arriving there, he tracked for a couple of weeks, getting to know the caravan routes, traveller paths, and herders preferred places. He began to climb into potholes, crevasses, and deep-water chalk pits. And deep down, he spotted glimpses of scales and reflections of long fangs and claws… when the water surface broke to his left. A young lads head stared right at him, and he quickly gestured a shush, meanwhile turning his head and turning the finger to point at the monster, who was staring directly at the young lad, and with a snarl it back-flipped out into the water to feast in fresh blood.

Wilson told me that he’d actually never seen a Human swim that fast, and just as the monster was to chew off the lads feet, their hands clasped, and he yanked harder than he’d done in years. Flinging the lad up behind him, he used the momentum to half-spin and spear his two-hander’s blade right into the face of what was a Marshlip. Surprisingly, it had not seen Wilson when it dived and, as such, had all focused on the kid. So, it ended up being an easy kill.

Wilson and the lad searched the cave and found quite a pile of loot, and they went to the lads home town. Wilson praised the kids aid and skills, saying that the nickname The'D Fish was given with respect and joy.

Wilson took The’D Fish as an apprentice, and they went on The Hunt for 5 years. After which, on the same date in 1175, Wilson came back to the town of Munders at Lake Ancorr, said the apprenticeship was completed, and left with but a brief farewell.

Skjald Valgrif


We assume Wilson went from Munders to the hamlet of Imvas at the east side of Mumra's Stomp, a huge Kettle Hole in Butan who had problems with a monster, turning out to be a rather large Mountain Troll. It had killed all the local monster hunters, but Nahita. Wilson agreed to aid the town, and they tracked it down and killed it in the autumn of 1175.

Satisfied with revenge Nahita needed a rest, and Wilson was surprised by the amount of loot it had. A large pile of recent and centuries-old items filled his backpack, pockets, and the odd little waggon he could unfold. They decided to spend the winter in Khemlet, a town down the Gullmann Roughlands at the end of Pirkely Plateau.

The swarming hub of people, with several caravans settling in for the winter, gave them the opportunity to get exceptional prices for their loot. As well as several offers to come investigate areas and slay foul things. One of these tasks sounded more brutal to handle than the rest, and in the spring of 1176, they travelled to Lake Progmorr in Quigly on the island of Utari. At least one monster, maybe more, roamed the shores, killing livestock and travellers alike. The task sounded like they should team up, so they went there. It turned out it was both a Necromancer at work and a pack of Werewolves. During the summer, they killed the lot and tracked the nobleman down. Stopping him from ever again summoning anything.

Skjald Ulrich


I’ve heard they were in 1176 at the docks in Gir Dansk trying to figure out what some of Bergons Borgians was up to. When the Kinoblin anchored up and rowed to the pier, Suddenly, the Borgians were without doubt drawing crossbows and blades to ambush the foreigners and the guard on duty at the harbour, and they attacked the ambushing lot. As they fought the four, they noticed how the young guard, Polski in a swift blur of motions, killed four other assassins. Uncertain if the Borgians intended targets were Kinoblin, Polski, or the assassins attacking guards and visitors, they decided to keep information about their fight to themselves and disposed of the remains. Afterwards, they approached and spent quite some time with Polski at the The Buckling Wyrm inn.

Skjald Sigurd


Tracking the scent… of a kinsman’s smell… into the woodland they went… suddenly a yell…

1186 a Anurai bumped… belly and guts at spear a’stumped…

Snarling fray… exchanged for bloody spray… at Wilsons to stay…

Slicing head and drying eyes… he heard even more snorting cries… as even Pigryn dies…

Then… smiles and shakes of a newfound friend.

Skjald Kazumix


The years 1186–88 Wilson spent in Ranzamill, talking with Atallanti and his father M'rizakiri about Fylgia. In the spring of 1189, Wilson and Atallanti decided to start protecting the coast as far too many refugees came inland due to raids from Naldar. They spent the next three years throwing those raiders back into the sea or onto the dung heaps. Those remembering being saved say the pair made a sport out of being the one with the most kills. Wilson did more than 160 of these.

Eventually, as the raids never seemed to stop, they approached the royal court of Fridor stating that stopping this was a matter better suited for the country’s military and they should up their defenses. That being said, they went back to hunting monsters.

Skjald El Mary


In 1192, they heard about a nature-worshipping cult up at Utari being attacked by what turned out to be a Wickeryadi. Killing everyone of the Altwalders but the small lad Knut Levo, as they seemingly came to annoy it at its Earthnodes lair. To this day, its rotting remains stand at the very centre of said earthnode.

Their travels brought them to Ye Olde Zephyrs in the spring of 1193. There they met Krokus who left his studies with Kanziganthir and went off with them. Atallanti joined the group in 1196, and in the spring of 1197, Krokus joined as well.

In 1197, as he was interested in Astral Sites and Gates, Wilson went to an excavation sponsored by Longhorn. There he met the legendary Huginn and Coposim, who saved the lot by easily killing a frenzied Mammutan appearing from the Astral.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Approximately 10 years passed before we again had records of Wilson’s deeds. But in 1218, he visits Nahita at the Oaina Temple. Staying there due to the winter, he met Sessy and Polski in 1219. The year where they hunted and killed the Blue Marshlip of Jabos.

The year after, in 1220, loaded with loot from the monster’s lair, Atallanti, Nahita, and Wilson travelled to Osmes to visit Testiculas, whose reputation had reached their ears. It’s said they bought most of what he had ever cooked, dried, steamed, hacked, and mixed.

Skjald Vinotis


It’s unclear why Nahita, Sessy, and Wilson went to The Rim in 1221, where they met Themac. Their goal seems seemingly common; they spent two years searching for either a monster or a passage. But in 1223, two years later, all but Sessy left.

Skjald Sigurd


In 1235, he met Atallanti again at the Allumnata Towers, and in 1240, Nahita was there as well. The Gyron Lords have told us they left the same evening as Nahita arrived.

When the 1st Alliance fought the Hordes to create The Realm Wilson sided with the 1st Alliance. And he was seen at Grimsborg when the High King was crowned.

But from that event, up until The Great Invasion Wilson didn’t linger at any known place but for a few days, as he lived The Hunt to the fullest. Some say he got several of the invasion races under his belt during the decades prior to The Realm’s collapse. So, when they swarmed, he was prepared and knew their soft spots.

He was at the front when the reinstated first High King and the Great Invasion forces clashed at the Battle of Weeping Plains. He reaped through foes with such speed that he ended up deep within enemy lines, cut off from the rest, and was believed dead. But he did not, as I’ve heard several stories of ‘ol Wilson, charge in for the rescue on several occasions throughout the Isles since that day.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Wilson is no longer tied to any of the Organisations. nor Nobility.

Skjald Sigurd



He has no fear whatsoever, or at least if he does, he hides it well.

Skjald Sejrik

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