BORN: 1/10 1165 FA in Andalus

RACE: Markian

REALM: Red Mentalism

AURA: Yellow

HEIGHT: 181 cm





A mortal able to stand face to face with Vampires is as rare as a living Magic Shard. Da’Vey is one of the few.

Skjald Sejrik



Fourth Age

Born 1165 in Ahmdalin, the great trade hub at the western shore of Manhover Creek. By an Ambassador couple from Skium.

Da’Vey spent his youth playing with the other state staff, Nobility and some Clovincaz offspring. Thus, he grew up in a pond of knowledge, and he had access to the Academy of Ri. A place he favoured and could spend countless hours studying in, especially up until his parents had visitors from other Races, Countries or those who had been at Mt. Vula. To be able to spice up conversations and have batives elaborate on the library’s dry texts.

In time, he became quite wise and noticed how some cultures advanced ahead of others, discounting the few individuals capable of Mana Manipulator. So his interests slowly turned from childish play to serious studying and determination as a developer of Mechanization.

Skjald El Mary


In 1180, at the age of 15, he Apprenticed to the local Engineer Guild. Creating odd stuff and combinations of what he had previously examined. Such was his talent in analysing, decomposing, and wit that, in only 3 years, he surpassed all other students and pushed his limits. With scoped-up projects came a broadening of skills, so he began delving into Alchemy.

At his 18th birthday, both Mumra, Natiha, Nertilu, and other lesser Gods came by to meet and greet this mortal talent. It’s said that he pondered the godly visit for almost a year, then decided they came as part of their scheming. So he worked hard to strengthen his bonds with Gulmur, the greater God of justice, and made good bonds. But oddly enough, due to his work with Essence and strong will, he developed into a Mentalism unique with Channelling running strong in him.

Skjald Vinotis


As he grew in skills, physical and magical,  interest in him from Allele Diploid arose. So, the night right after his 30th birthday, 1195, became a milestone in his life.

What was first believed was that an assassin, seemingly thinking him safe asleep, tried to murder him. Feeling the presence, Da’Vey opened his eyes, grabbed the person by the throat, and a fierce melee broke out. The assassin was a better-trained hand-to-hand fighter, but Da’Vey was far stronger, so within a few minutes he had the upper hand and managed to get the foe pinned. This made the assassin turn into a blackened blur, beginning to float out and fill the room; it blurred Da’Vey’s vision and choked him severely. Then the assassin’s arm materialised and poked him hard in the throat, thus escaping the firm grip, and with a snarl, it drifted out the window in mist form. Furious Da’Vey gained his senses and yelled in anger.

As the situation relaxed and he went to wash himself, he noticed two small needle wounds in his throat. As he was sure it was not from the melee poke and no poisonous effect seemed to build, he wondered what it might mean. So he began to study it and soon realised it had been a vampire.

This was, of course, no assassin, nor do I believe it was a vampire. From the description, I believe it to have been the ’11th’, an agent of the Twelve Fangs, trying to test ‘bite’ him, and I wonder who they have as a match—if any yet. Da’Vey began studying vampires and turned his Crafting towards countering their magic, tricks, and inert power. He spent the next 15 years travelling and learning about them.

Skjald Ulrich


In 1196, he travelled for a while with Wilson and Atallanti. and Krokus. Atallanti left the gang that same year, and Krokus did so in 1197, but Wilson” and Da’Vey went to an Astral Site/Gate being excavated by Longhorn. Finding it rather uninteresting, Da’Vey left to pursue his prey and only later heard about the great Mammutan slaying carried out by Coposim.

Skjald Sigurd


What he did from 1197 until 1217, when he settled in the town of Cypril at the border between Gaslug and Ladris, is unclear. But he claims that in those 20 years, he both managed to kill a dozen real vampires, spend 4 years at Mt. Vula, and spend 4 years at Darin. Travel beyond The Rim and visit Outlands. He is, to our knowledge, the first mortal to have been in all those four places. And he learned the truth about Allele Diploid, but kept up his vampire hunting as they are also real.

Skjald Ulrich


In 1218, Zambuk came across Lake Komla to the mountain town. There, he searched for and found Da’Vey, as he wanted to share knowledge about blacksmithing, alchemy, and mechanization. That year they invented several new things, and in the autumn Herdsman came to Cypril as well. And in the next two years, they shared knowledge and greatly improved their skills.

In 1220, Atallanti came by, and he travelled off with him to Remas to meet Woodmaster and share knowledge about Monster and vampires. He stayed with them until 1226, and as they went for Midgard, he went back to Findon.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



What he did until The Great Invasion None know, but some say he at times hints at another journey below the Rim. But within hours of the Invaders swarming the Academy of Ri he came out of the Astral as well. Sliching, stabbing, cutting, and poking foes left and right.

Since then, he has stalked foes and slain hundreds.

Skjald Sejrik



He is able to recognise a true vampire and is immune to their abilities.

Skjald Valgrif


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