“Vague memories of the eldest of races say that once it stecthed across the world top and shared mass with Utallantu. Some gods have given acknowledging nods to this.”

Skjald Ulrich



First Age

Some of the most fluctuating and energetic mana links had created wild and untamable void gardens that were hauled together to form the poles of our World. Their diversity in Flora, Fauna, and Resource made them an exciting place to roam. Thus, a plenitude of Races resided and interacted there. Even Thursar and Wickeryadi were permanent residents and often frequented by all others.

Several empires sprang and folded from this energetic cradle. But much changed when the Divine Races attacked the Ljost- and Drakk Alfar victims, which had become Vampire. Ending in a full-scale war that forever divided Wickeryadi and the other divines and altered our world greatly.

Skjald Sejrik


Second Age

Once a far larger Country, burning hot in its midst with bubbling tar pits and sand melting into glass streams. Most were burned away in the 1st Cataclysm. Since then, people have lived off the fish caught and exported Minerals. The capability of the local Reality Benders ensured that it was very few who came to take what was not theirs. So people lived in relative peace, and goods as well as coins came on a steady basis. Thus, populations lived fairly well despite the hot and humid Climate.

Skjald Sigurd


Third Age

Then suddenly came… a southern fire… swept waters, shores, steppes, and tops…

Following their horned hickup… impaling vampires… extinguishing fires… robbing recipes… and purest things

But mortals ain’t thursi boy… or thursi girl… so like astral swirl… soon waved away.

Skjald Kazumix


Fourth Age

I’m sure you heard, but if not, the lands of Trevan luckily didn’t suffer as much as those facing towards Ljostari. Because that tsunami brought chaos to our world, and it took hundreds of years to reach a somewhat stable world. But eventually Arisen and Liches found their place and ended up fitting in like Vampires and Wanderers.

Slowly chaotic things of divines turned into chaotic things of mortals as the Age of Hordes unfolded. And not only Human Hordes fought for power, but their madness inflicted great damage upon the N-Erectus as well. Instilling a growing desire for peaceful times, some began to secretly plan a great peaceful realm, but they soon realised it could only happen if opposition was crushed. So, a war to end all wars was planned and unfolded as the 1st Alliance.

Many of the clans, tribes, and hordes had, through time, been under the banners of empires, most recently in The Realm. Which they saw as securing trade contracts more than being tax-paying servants. After all, they always just said what they liked and not quite what they ought. But as they aided the coffers and ranks of the High King, the central administration seemingly didn’t care for Trevan’s people, so, since The Great Invasion, all has been on the edge regarding strangers.

Skjald Vinotis





Since the Great Invasion, all cities, towns, and farmsteads have, as such, been self-governing.

Skjald El Mary



Very strong mana Manipulators walk around, so don’t be a fool and try anything dumb.

Skjald Sigurd

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