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“Old crowns no more… fees and bribery the core… from mountain top to seaside shore…”

Skjald Kazumix



First Age

As with many other countries, Trov has changed through time. Greatly affected by the 1st Cataclysm and the landslide that created Götar Fjord had a chaotic plunge into the next age.

Skjald Valgrif


Second Age

It took several centuries before the age-changing reason showed up in Trov, but in 328, the Ogryl Prince, Muat Cham Kotu, were embraced by Ranty Rentulak, a former Drakk Alfar. Within a year, Muat had eradicated all his family members and began enlarging his domain, which eventually became Trov. His people knew of his change, but with Ranty behind the throne, none dared act against him.

Skjald Vinotis


Third Age

Not until the arrival of The Bullheaded God, who managed to fight his way into the castle and destroy Ranty Rentulak, was Muat uncontested. It brought a period of several revolts and even attempts to finish off Muat. All added to a destabilised country, with several regions breaking free from the Ogryls grip; some even came under Wanderers control. But none managed to kill him, despite his population slowly diminishing.

Skjald Ulrich


Fourth Age

The Deep Blue Tsunami brought quite some panic to the people of Trov, as it flushed life back into hundreds of Muat followers and thousands of others out in the battlefields and in graves. Thus several forces of unlife roamed the roads, and it was not until the Borji Enchanter Lhing Daothim. In 518, he undertook the ritual, became a Lich, and used his newfound power to seek out Muat in 552.

In the duel, both died, and it is said that the released energies, having no one to feed, sparkled life back into the Drakk Alfar mummy of Ranty Rentulak, which Muat had kept on the right side of his throne. If true, then Ranty is indeed a unique individual.

With the worst of evils gone, several Clans saw some families raise far beyond old nobility in wealth and power. But with it also came increased conflicts, and the Age of Hordes unfolded. Several of these greater powers are the foundation of today’s cultural and political areas, and the brief period brought by the High Kings and The Realm had little impact on the minds of people.

One could be so harsh as to say that The Great Invasion brought back what people expected of life, living in the shadows of Gods. Now, with peace once again making living and childbirth somewhat secure, hopes are once again raised in The Scorched Dawn.

Skjald El Mary




To the Northwest the Border into Fril are through the broad Trovall and across three large bridges: Olma Gate across Olma Knoll, Vapve Gate along Vap Holm and Ve Peninsula, and Lyvre Gate from Lyvre Dam to Lutvi Holm. They also share half of the gargantuan Götar Fjord with Fril.

At the north end of Trovall the high, narrow Kapple Pass leads into Ascal, not accessible until down southeast beyond Notim Lowlands. and Lamiz Heights, at Mt. Herups foothills in Herus Valley. Where Sejstrups Sink cuts narrowly across the mountains. Herus Valley also leads into Ladris. Both at the broad valley bottom and a tad south in the raising roughlands and foothills of Clarva Tilt. Between Mt. Clarva and Mt. Zirkol, the passes of Kowus Cut and Zymas Cleft lead across the mountains on each side of Veavu Spire.

South of the vast grassland steppes in the insanely rough and jagged Trovi Maze three passes; Feggdu XallLixa Ledge and Bixy Xür leads across the mountains into Scia.

To the west lies Etain, reachable by Sugmy Sink. or the coastal road.

Skjald Sigurd



As with many other large countries prior to the great invasion, Trov are now several self-governed areas fighting for independence or attempting to swallow neighbours. The mountainous area towards the border with Scia is under the control of a Ogryl. Clan led by Thimatûrr Ahn Vilqat. The lowlands between Thimatûrrs domain and Götar Fjord are in the hands of the Borji siblings Bnagh li Phûm. and Bnagh li Kvāhm.

At the domain’s eastern borderlands, just north of Trovi Maze, lies an area known as Makhalds Sink, which is led by the Tatongōl warlord Dinghao Ganmia.

The highlands to the east of these are now called Trovtalla and are led by 8 different Mayors and Burgmeisters, holding out against pressure due to the landscape, their unity, and their cunning.

Herus Valley and the roughlands on its north side are ruled by 3 lords of Tatongōl, Common, and Jomzaar origin; Yetila Tavma, Bombu le Zaar, and Magnar Redcheek.

The northeast is still under the old crown, with Montorr vin Stagallion their current head.

All attempts to create a united council have failed, so at every road crossing borderlands, there are tollgates and small garrisons.

Skjald Sejrik



For the sharp-eyed, there’s a good chance to buy quality Minerals.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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