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“The land of Gems and Furs, once cradle of great Crafters.”

Skjald Valgrif



First Age

TatongōlBorji, OgrylArchaic, KoboldFautyr, Sealkin, and many other Races was strewn out across the countryside when what up until The Great Invasion was Scia. All thrived, traded and curiously exploited the lands, as the Sun and Moon began to shine across the sky.

Skjald Sigurd


Second Age

Then the 1st Cataclysm changed everything, as vast areas of the Southwest and southeast sank into the sea, and many of the Void Garden seams ripped or collapsed, creating a rather ragged and uneven land. In time, it did though grow into great dense woods, grassy hills and flovery valleys. So despite it being rough, its a beautiful countryside.

Skjald Vinotis


Third Age

The arrival of Jomzaar and the other Wanderers, had a great impact on daily life, trade, and politics. As they where quite skilled in warfare, and many in numbers, they quickly established Settlements and somewhat forced their presence into other societies. But in time, things eased up except with the Vular, who constantly persued a hunt for knowledge, and power. Eventually triggering a cathastropical conflict, known as Vular War. Ending many local lives, despite its epicentre far away.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Fourth Age

As The VoidWorld, and Astral began to merge, threatening all lives, the Vornir gave up their control, and everyone present in the fight, joined into saving our world. It succeded, but at a odd price, Mt. Vula came into existence, and the tainted waters of the sea flooded the world as the Deep Blue Tsunami.

As the tsunami retracted, wildland hermits, rural farmers, fishermen, and foresters, began to flood the gates of the larger cities. All trying to escape the Arisen, a new Race amongst the Human folk. But cities was no safe spot, as many a graveyard had been flooded and Arisen was everywhere, craving for lost power or revenge. The first century after the tsunami was thus spent fighting ancestors, or finding solutions to exist side by side.

As things began to somewhat settle down, power hungry Mana Manipulator began to emerge as Liches. These, generally foul due the ritual effects, began to enslave living and arisen as they saw fit, and then conflicts with vampires broke out as well. From this growing mayhem, the Age of Hordes also sprang forth, so the first milennia saw the populations gradually plunge into conflicts and warfare.

Then the 1st Alliance brought a peaceful period with The Realm, but alas after only 27 years we once more saw witespread warfare. Now we can only hope The Scorched Dawn brings us peace again.

Skjald El Mary




Scia share Borders with Etain, Trov and Ladris and has quite a number of passes into all three as well as share coastal Borders with two of them.

At the eastern end, Craff Meadows, and Craff Lakes are the borderlands below Craff knolls. West of those are the Hobro Sinking and Lake Hadsu. Up in the Kaltüh Heights lies Ôlmut KettleSinnva's Sinking, and Liamaz Lowlands.

West of these are the Wrä WildsPanci Pothole, and Innla Waters. North of those lies Valley Bixko, leading into the gargantuan area known as Longla Valleyria, and Lake Longla. Southwest of that, the Mürrmaland stretches all the way to Hafta Roughs, and Westulo.

At the west side of central mainland lies Snaptu BayBay Bongario, and Azywa Bay. Southwest mainlanders can see out at Illovo Isle.

Skjald Sigurd



The Country is currently a total mess, best as one thinis safte is guaranteed by some lesser lords army or militia, revolts erupt, forces go renegade, or lords are assasinated. So, even Skjalds dont travels there alone.

Skjald El Mary



Much can be said, but the most special these days, are the danger the country provides anyone going there.

Skjald Sejrik

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