Allele Diploid



“Some Librarians and Sages claim old lore tells of a secret society, Allele Diploid. Formed thousands of years ago by the foremost Magic users, Clerks and Alchemists. They supposedly discovered secrets about Spellcasting abilities, and started a ‘Mana Carcass’ program that over time should result in masters able to match the Gods. Their proof though, is often but vague texts in fairy tale language or unreadable signs and scribble of some sort. So, most regard them a pure fiction.”

Skjald Ulrich



Yet, true it is.

Allee Uan Utummo, an elderly Wyrd master, looked worriedly at his son and asked, “Are you certain you know the spelling, and the weaving? Oh, and to only focus on the water in the glass?”. “Yes, yes, yes…”, said the seven years old skinny lad. With the usual windy rustle to his words, due to the odd long left front teeth.

“Well than, let’s see if you can bring it from glass to plate then. I’ll note everything down as we go.” said Allele as he sat down and grabbed pen and parchment, and nodded for the lad to begin. First with a happy smile, noticing just how much the lad mastered the right words and pronouncing, when he first began chanting. Then he noticed a slight change in intonation, change of certain syllables, which startled him. And as he looked up, he noticed in the lads eye a glimpse of triumphant defiance of limits and saw the slightly warped movement of hands and posture, setting way too much of the Astral in motion.

Screaming a loud “Nooo…”, he jumped up, desperate to save his lad before he would be torn apart. Ripped in thousands of fragments and forever be drawn into the Astral, where all that would remain, some claim, would be his mind forever trapped in torn agony.

Then he was flung back, as the water from the glass, the fishing bowl, bathtub, teapot, and every trinket and vial nearby was forcefully flung onto the plate, crushing his desk, end engulfing books, powders, and himself in the largest splash he had seen in a long time…

Staring in disbelief at his grinning son, completely unaffected by the impossible outburst from a seven years old Mana Carcass. He fumbled for the goldfish, trying to save it and get it into one of the water filled things, while stammering, “How did you survive such an outburst. It’s not possible. It can’t be. My god, such display. Such potential.” As he got the fish secured, a gesture more to get time to reflect than actual care. He stood up, examined the lad. Pulled at limbs, pressed at every organ, listened to hearth, breath and looked deep in his eyes.

“We need to study… this…”.

Skjald El Mary


More than a millennium ago, Allee Uan Utummo noticed after the heart racing incident, that his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. All with the same odd eye colour mismatch and a slight teeth error, had capabilities of exceptional large Mana outbursts when casting spells. Their abilities and the small physical errors, could in his view not be a coincidence. So, he gathered some of his closest and most trusted exceptionally mages, sages, and lords. After long and detailed research, stretching to several years after his death, his team under leadership of his grandson Diploi Hog Utummo, concluded that Allee Uan indeed had discovered something exceptional. For it seemed that the ability to store Mana, as well as the outburst capability, where tied to something inside body and soul. Depending on how Wyrd threads where spun and due to how the parental blood lines where matched.

So, they begun measuring just how large outbursts it where possible to deliver, ever trying to push the limit. Sadly, this meant that rash youngsters or eager hotheads at times went too far, and where ripped apart in their attempt to outdo everyone else. Realizing that they lost too much potential this way, they instead began more controlled experiments and wrote down what each could do under certain circumstances, and who their ancestors and siblings where. Some of the researchers began studying the ancestral lines of the casters, while others studied the environment and diet youngsters grew up with. After some centuries it became clear, that some family lines seemed to have a flair for storing, casting, manipulating, outburst, learning, etc. So, the studies became specified areas, to clarify and categorize these major magic traits.

The specialization within the researchers slowly grew into a hierarchy, where newly accepted, where to study the annals for years before being allowed into the field, to do enhanced research. Only few where ever allowed to draw the actual conclusions on the gathered material. Over time, seeing that their matching where fruitful, Allele Diploid started to work in the nobility and political scenes, making their conclusions actual marriage suggestions.  Joining children where the parents had shown flair in equal traits. It is told that Zygot Ahral, the 46th grandmaster after Diploi, one day had the honour of the God Relagin visiting his laboratory. After a long discussion where Zygot and Relagin exchanged many secrets and thoughts, Zygot managed to get Relagin to tell about the Mana Flow and the Vonir Weaving. Thus, it’s written down by Zygoth, did Relagin reveal the secrets of the Mana Carcass to a mortal.

Zygoth, seeing a unique chance to gain insight and secrets beyond normal mortal reach, has written in his diary, that he told Relagin everything he knew. Thus, did Relagin take Zygot to the magic mountain Mt. Vula, making Zygot the first known human to have gained access to it. There, It is said that Undil Yassmurth, the greatest Kobold smidhr ever to have lived, after listening to Relagin and Zygot agreed to craft Zygot 12 Blood Infuzors -one for each moon (month). If he on the other hand could gain insight in the results gained by the Allele Diploid.

What was the exact promises, and payments at that stay are not recorded anywhere. But a deal was made. Thus, it became possible, to match the specific major traits, that had been discovered in the previous 555 years. Merely by taking and comparing blood samples. It is unclear if Relagin did any extra deals with Undil. But after more than a millennium, people have noticed an ever strengthened Relagin. Some of the more observant higher ranked Allele Diploids, have begun whispering about the coincidence, but with the uttermost care. Because those too loud, have all been exceptionally unlucky when Astravelling, casting, or performing rites. So knowledgeable persons are also extremely cautious.

Still the secret, but well organised, society of Allele Diploid, perform their task. Seeking out the offspring which could be of interest, and taking blood samples to match. The agents, known as the ‘Twelve Fangs’, only have two targets assigned at a time. And when blood is collected from both, the matching process inside the activated Infuzor, results in a coloured glow from the crystal ends. If the two blood samples match, the glow will be equal from both, indicating a major trait match -or if it does not exist in the target at all, or is but a lesser vessel.

The process of taking samples, must though be done with utmost consideration and care. As it has happened, that some targets where claimed to have fallen victims to Vampires, due to the two small fanglike wounds. A fate often proved as the target exploded or had similar ends, when stressed enough or the mob drove a stake through their heart, burned them or chopped off their head -a most likely end to any untrained spell caster at the panicked last moments. It is also known in at least two incidents, that a Allele Diploid Fang where discovered, and slain as either vampire, assassin, or spy.

Those who loose intended targets and survive, are brought in for heavy questioning and have a lot of detailed reporting to do. In attempts to avoid similar accidents in the future. This research, has resulted in the Allele Diploid concluding, that a second ‘society of blood leeches’ must exist. Some even think that it might be the Vornir, sucking blood and trying to frame Allele Diploid. Others that it might be Relagin, or the Kobolds.


“One story about marriage planning, being whispered, is about a dispute between High King Black Oak and Nefius. The latter unhappy, about a lesser nobleman’s son marrying his daughter, despite the trade concessions given to him in exchange. The groom was of so low status compared to Neffius daughter, and the High Kings gifts so great. That it must have been Allele Diploid at work -the High King pleading their scheme. This dispute, is said to have been the reason Solvar disappeared for 28 years -only to return because his beloved Realms where at its brink of existence in The Great Invasion.”

Skjald Valgrif


The Great Invasion and the following Cleansing Crusade through the Realm by the former High King. Have brought utter despair to the Allele Diploid. Dozens of families are extinct, and hundreds of possible targets are either slain or missing. Some Allele Diploid sages have even stated, that they find the massive loss amongst the intended targets -an uneven casualty number. So, it is speculated, if it’s some divine intervention against Relagin, if it’s the kobolds meddling with humans, or if its Relagin himself who have collected them all. One thing is certain, that out in the wilderness, in farmsteads, and in villages, towns, and castles. There are now targets hiding from their former identity -some even unaware about their true heritage.

Will they again be found by Allele Diploid, Relagin, the High King or another one interested in them or their abilities. Will they erupt and unleash havoc or become great heroes in rebuilding the realm…

Skjald Sigurd



Storage, how much energy can a carcass contain.

Gesticulation, how precise are the casters hand gestures in creating mana flow.

Linguistic, how exact are the casters pronouncing of true names in the ancient tongue.

Outburst, how large portions can be let loose without ripping soul fragments along.

Morale, how powerful manifestations can the caster control without panicking.



Here follows a brief description of the whole organisation.

The One Eye: An oracle only accessed by the seven servants, and being fed all info available. This person is chosen amongst the Five Scholars, each time they elect new ones. The most capable of the current ones are then given this honour. And is as such regarded the leader of the Allele.

The two Herold’s: One is at Vula and the other is at the High King’s court

The Three Shades: Are sent if anyone is suspected to have learned about the Allele Diploids true work. Their mission is simple, kill all expected to have the slightest insight.

The Four Bards: These are loosely connected to the Allele, as they are funded by them in exchange for monthly reports of what is said amongst the people of the Realm. And what they have been able to figure is going on in Allele (these are the only ones not sought out by The Three Shades due to knowledge).

The Five Scholars: The Allele is organised in 5 major areas, each as such forming a school of its own with one elected headmaster leading it. These 5 Grandmasters are elected every 4th leading these branches:

The Six Hats: In case someone is to be brought in front of the Five Scholars, they are asked to fetch the person in question.

The Seven Servants: A small group of very trusted and extremely multitalented persons, who have full access to all areas and information about the whole organisation. These serve as ad hoc janitors, couriers, and judges in the field.

The eight artisans: Very skilled alchemist, herbalist, silversmith, symbolist, glassblower, blacksmith, carpenter, and weaver who create items for the organisation.

The Nine Cleaners: When situations have escalated out of control, and Targets, Fangs, or other persons of interest have died, or been exposed. A Cleaner step in and fix the mess. Normally with a mixture of bribes, threats, or smack in the faces.

The Eleven Winds: If a Fang suspect the mission are at risk, or that someone is being too curious. One of the Winds are called to help investigate further, tie up loose ends, and end any suspicions. The Winds are known for a swift end of troubles, either by themselves or by calling in The Three Shades, The Six Hats or The Nine Cleaners depending on what they figure.

The Twelve Fangs: These are the collectors of blood samples, and the only ones allowed to match the targets. They rely heavily on information gathered and studied intensely prior to their arrival, and are the ones solely to determine when, and how a collection is to happen. These are the tip of the spear towards the public, and as such act with extreme care.

Skjald Sejrik

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