From slim to muscular


Females: 165-225

Males: 170-235


Females: 72-120

Males: 70-190


Females; –

Males: –


Lightgrey, beige, white.


Black, brown, grey





“Vampires rose prior the 1st Cataclysm, some claim they where the reason it occured.”

Skjald El Mary



They are not just a hoax to spoil the work of Allele Diploid, nor are their prey victims of Relagin. They are a several millenna old Race with immense power.” The first sighting of a Vampire was just prior the 1st Cataclysm in the Dark Ages. Some of the Divine Races in fact claim Vampires was the reason it occurred. An attempt to rid the world of them as they are not ever seen at the Astral, was to make the Astral and the World become one. We however doubt this as the stories don’t quite match up and we suspect the Gods are playing with us. The Astral had a servere disruption from that as well.

Skjald Ulrich


Its said that when the first Mana began leaking into our World. Some of the Mana Threads were bitten or infested by something. Unble to fathom what it would become, these was merely tended by the Vornir and not respun, thus these beings came into existense with a internal hunger for energy. The God Relagin has somewhat scoffed this as rubbish, as that would mean unknowns with equal or alternate power exist alongside the Divine Races. To this some have whispered that its in fact Relagins creations gone wrong and hes trying to hide it. Maybe its even from him that the Kobold rumor comes, as he ain’t too keen on their Crafters Skills.

Thus would we more or less be in the dark regarding their origin, if not Yell'a'Beard had been to Outlands where he faced one and killed it as it attempted to drain him. Also, from interrogations of prisoners caught in The Great Invasion it seems Vampires act a bit more openly there. At least several caught Nobility had interesting stories regarding Vampires. Thus we are now certain they are a Race of their own.

Skjald Valgrif


But, its quite clear from the tales and legends, that the first Vampire(s) was of immense power, matching Thursar and Gods alike. No wonder as they are as tough and strong as Trees and skilled as Boriac trained Drakk Alfar. This knowledge of their true origin, might be why Uar Knosso Perimax created the Eternal Bush radiating a glow of Astral light and dripping with a balm that can end a Vampires thirst.

Like those, who can be revitalized by praise or meddling with the World, Vampire power is sustained by their blood drinking. But, they have a odd effect on their victims, depending how much they drink. If they but feed a little, their source becomes fatigued, dizzy and at times ill. If they on the other hand, drain their victim, it becomes but a bloodless Carcass for a full day. But, its Spirit becomes locked to the dead looking corpse and the drinker. Both then share their common abilities equally, making the drinker slightly weaker and the newborn Vampire much more powerful than in its previous condition.

So, why Vampires at times drain victims instead of just feeding is a mystery. Maybe they need comrades to fight Allele Diploid and Relagin. Who both use Vampire existence as means to further their own agenda.

Skjald Sigurd


We don’t know how many generations of Vampires there is, but according to Da'Vey theres quite a difference in besting the most recent and fighting those just a few generations back. He is of course not certain, but thinks that the oldest he has put to rest, where from around the time Ljostari sank -I assume theres no reason to mention Vampires hate Da’Vey and his Vampire Hunters.

Skjald Vinotis



The live alone or in very small households across the entire World and according to Sessy, who heard stories about them below The Rim. All obey their maker and that ones makers. Thus all eventually obey the first ones -and if there was but one. Gods what a Monster it would be.

But we actually suspect that theres several branches of Vampires, in accordance with the Tree-draining legend, as some are very different from the others and even vary quite a lot from the Carcass and Spirit of the victim. One becomes extremely strong, heavy and brutal. Another almost like a mind reading Mentalism Mana Manipulator and so forth.

Skjald Sejrik



Never encountered at Astral… They so shun Sunlight… And they can die…

Skjald Kazumix

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