Existing alongside our world is the Astral, consisting of raw floating Mana in its pure form. Those with strong enough skills or minds are able to enter it without dissolving. It can be navigated, so that those entering it from one location in our world can bend it, and with a few steps, they are able to come forth tens or hundreds kilometres away in our world, in but a few seconds, hours or days. The possible travel distance and time spent depends on the skills. The locations in our world giving access to the Astral, are called Earthnodes and common for all is that they have a Teleport Site with coloured; tiles, center and outer pillars.

The tiles indicate its Colour and the center pillar the sub-colour. The surrounding pillars indicate Colours to be used for travel in that geographic direction.

Skjald Vinotis


Scholars have due to observations Yell'a'Beard made in Outlands, and those Sessy, Themac and Zyr 'O' Loth made below The Rim. Figured that not only The Realm but the entire World are divided into a grid. In each grid there are eight sites with the same Coloured tiles, each with a center pillar in a different Aura Colour.

This complex and intriguing system allow a traveler to activate known sites, go through a Aura Colour and land at that specific Colours sub-colour. The skilled can build up paths of immense length, using the Earthnodes as navigation points for their ‘steps’ at the Astral. Here are one such travel from A to G (using pink & violet), to M (using pink & orange), to S (using pink & red) to Y (using pink & orange). Thus did the traveler go South-East 4 times through known sites, ending at the preferred orange subbsite of pink.

Activating a Teleport Site, seems to somehow distort its neutrality and it somehow becomes unusable, until the Shard Colour energies have been completely soaked up. The larger a group of living beings that travels, the longer the period.

Skjald Ulrich


To build up this travel Shards of the required Colour(s) are used, either Magic Shards ones that are consumed when traveling or Divine Shards ones that persist during the travel the user retains for further use.

There exist some extremely rare Rainbow Shards that seemingly are the most divine one can get. Some say these act as wildcards for any colour, but so far none have figured proper use of these.

Skjald Vinotis


The danger of traveling the Astral is that one can get lost in space or time, or eventually dissolve. Very few use it often and even fewer stay there for long, but two Human I know, Sessy and Atallanti has been there for several years without dissolving. Some others, like Black Pelvis, for certain have taken physical and mental damage from hiding and traveling there.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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