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“Its said, that a thousand ancient camps and Settlements, await guests once more.”

Skjald El Mary



First Age

Being one of the Countries, formed by several Void Gardens strewn onto the Worlds surface at Southern Midgard. Kustu became a fertile land between the north pole and the equatorial belt, with marshland peninsulas stretching all the way to Tusla.

Back then there was neither any mountains, so all was vast marshes, forests, grassy soft rolling hills, and lakes all over. In these lands thrived quite a number of different Humans and N-Erectus. Especially Sealkin, Kobold, Fautyr, and Ljost Alfar, were present in several smaller Settlements. All living rather peacefully with the various human Tribes.

The lands were though greatly disrupted, when the 1st Cataclysm occurred. As good as the entire country raised level, drying out most lakes, streams, and several rivers. The north saw a great cross-country raise of land, and creation of a handfull mountains. The east experienced the most brutal change, and a cluster of quite large high mountains spewed forth, as worlds carpet cracked open. In the south, the peninsulas to Tusla all sank below sea surface, separating Midgard and Fjella -as they were called back when they where but one Isle.

Hundreds if not thousands of settlements was lost, or abandoned. Thus can the clever, and lucky, Treasure hunter or traveller, find remains or valuable Items all over the country.

Skjald Sigurd


Second Age

As the world calmed down, tribes and settlements restored, territoried was claimed and settled, everyone adapted and daily life began anew. Mineral and Metal ores was found and harvested, new trade routes emerged, and with it new settlements and rest-stops emerged. As years, decades, and centuries passed, the old lands, locations, habits, and the cataclysm, became but vague memories and fantasy tales.

When The Bullheaded God and the Wanderers arrived, from down south The Rim, the tales of old surely were replaced by new tales, and worries. Because these new human tribes of RimzirVular, and Jomzaar, made an impact so great from the very first day, that Indigenous elders foresaw trouble and raised concerns amongst their counsils with the other races.

Skjald Valgrif


Third Age

And my god they were right in doing so, the bullheaded god hunted Vampires and soaked their energies, becoming a terrible force. The Vular stole so much knowledge that they rivalled Ljost- and Drakk Alfar in Skills, and eventually started the Vular War. Bringing back memories and experiences of the 1st Cataclysm, and it brought an end of the age.

Skjald Sejrik


Amidst the chaos, the Vornir sang the Hymn of Truenames, benefitting some more than equalling odds. But at least it made everyone realize that the world was just about to be destroyed, so everyone, even the Gods, joined in to prevent the energies pouring through Mt. Vula, from consuming everything.

Stabilized, the spewing Astral energies into The Void, became a steady heavenly stream down into the altered volcano, now lingering in a haze between the astral, world, and void. A place, that is now a Crafters heaven.

The elementary forces let lose, made the entire northern Border sink dramatically, creating the Weak Peaks and their foothills falling into marsh and lowlands from west to east. Once again it came with a price of many lost settlements, and then came the Deep Blue Tsunami, ending the age.

Skjald Vinotis.


Fourth Age

With the tainted waters came a divine curse, or a blessing to some, as it gave them an option for immense power, or access to ancient knowledge. A new mix of restored humans, known as Arisen, crawled forth from graves, tombs, crypts, bogs, lakes, dungheaps, and whatsnot. Some great Nobility, others unlucky victims, but all generally with a hatred towards the living, revenge in mind, and lust for power once more. Of course there was exceptions, but the kind ones was a rare flushup.

Just as the living had adapted settlements, trade routes, and wilderness excavation to this new factor. Some Mana Manipulators found a way to become Liches, thus creating even more locations to avoid.

In time things settled down, settlements thrived and trade was good. Guilds sprang forth, inventions made lives better, or secured realms. The smart saw a period of continued growth, and used the gained wealth to strengthen their position. Thus elevating their families, and Clans, so they rivalled nobility in power. Some fell due their failure to thread carefully, others, able to figure the order of things and the nobilitys adcantage, quickly filled the vaccum and grew to great power. These families, raising far above their clans, tribes, and race, became known as Hordes.

Skjald Ulrich


Then the Hordes, the old nobility, and other power hungry forces began to fight each other more openly, eventually plunging several areas into civil war for a long time. This Age of Hordes lasted up until the 1st Alliance smacked the idea of The Realm in place.

Sadly this period of peace only lasted 27 years, as The Great Invasion destroyed most of every social order, institutions, and laid ruin to hundreds of banners. Luckily, the Invaders was defeated and now…

The Scorched Dawn is upon us.

Skjald Kazumix




The Northern part of Kustu is one long shoreline… Kabula PeninsulaJagdak FordsThomtys FingerLegalandFort FrangaBenola BayDrigs Pynt and Pebuas Shore… the most notable locations…

Northern mainland… dominated by a vast range of rough highlands known as Weak Peaks… with Mt. Fivrak to the east, Mt. Polla and Mt.Ghaga in the middle and Peak Xipro to the East…

Central mainland are vast rolling hills, valleys… most notably Gorkas Lowering to the Southwest… Cimbra Lowlands in Southcentral… Giquat Marshes to the South… and Southeast the steep Nibmu Ridge isolates Rupaland

Southwest lies Morvas Mirror… South part of the Eastern Border sees Mt. DiftaMt. Berxo and Mt. Myrka

Skjald Kazumix



As with most other countries, every areas local ruler are trying to win as most can.

Skjald Vinotis



One can find exquisite treasures in the wilderness.

Skjald Sejrik

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