BORN: 26/11 1174 in Oglan

RACE: Ogryl/Cromag

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Green

HEIGHT: 205 cm


Born in Oglan as the only son of a miller it was as if he inherited a whole flok of childrens energy. He is extremely stocky, not the fat type, but with bones as strong as mountain roots and strength like an ox. Quite the opposite to his sisters, both small and skinny for their kind.

I recall seeing this millers lad the first time I travelled with Themac to the Rim. As we awaited for the shipmaster to set sail this young lad came strolling with 3 sacks of grain as if they weighed nothing at all. Quite impressed I asked his name and he grinned a ‘Pakara’ towards me -and then he was off.

Skjald Valgrif


Once he heard some really shady people talking about doing harm to a king in Midgard and he stepped up asking them to kindly repeat the words, because he thought it sounded like treason. Instead they drew steel and charged, right into the fury of a beserkin Ogryl. Not the wisest thing they did there, as it brought them imprisonment for quite a travel. Only to be released at the very gate of that king of Midgard of which they previously spoke.

As soon as the situation was explained to the grinning guards, the moaning cutthroats was taken to the dungeons meanwhile Pakara was offered food and shelter in return. Within a few days he had made so many friends that he decided to stay at the Horde. And in but a few months he had built a watermill and baked all day long. Unless, if leidang or strandhogg had the need of a strong set of arms.

Skjald Ulrich


Pakara I’ve been told, quickly made some really good and close friends in Ye Olde Zaphirs… he even became a trusted hirdsman of their king… and within but a few years he became one of their most skilled and feared warriors… A longboat of him and his fellow, I’ve heard, could clear waiting armies without a single blow or shot…

Skjald Kazumix


In time this merry mountain became extremely skilled in warfare that he was named Stallari. A title he filled to his fullest and brought many a spoils home and ruined many a attack on his Horde. Several wars saw him in the front, but at some point in time, its unclear to me exactly when. But in the time between the coronation of Black Oak as High King and his retirement as High King. Pakara left the Horde and his title as Stallari and wandered off. If it was to seek his comrades who had joined Berserk Maimers or join Kaziganthi in the ancient quest, I do not know. But leave he did.

Skjald Sejrik


Its said that Pakara years later was seen shoulder to shoulder with some of his former comrades. But under the banner of the Berserk Maimers. Its hard to tell because so few withnessed their charges and lived to tell about them. But that was many years prior the Invasion and what he did up till that is uncertain. But, at the Battle of Weeping Plains he surged into the enemy rear with his allies, spreading death and defeat to the foes of The Realm.

Skjald El Mary