Fur Oracles



  • Mulberry Athulvis



742 Mulberry Athulvis

774 Seisyll Ruarch

802 Tadan Urbgen

859 Aethel Húrúkúrō

887  Mailcun Odarnat

931 Garban Gobban

978 Hakaval Dagestad

1009 Coeman Dunnorix

1047 Cadoc Caindelbain

1094 Ailbe Angharad

1136 Navallo Udamiir

1175 Nefius



750 FA became a Horde

1281 joined Battle of Weeping Plains


“Old as the land they inhabit, the rough-land herders gathered into a Horde of might.”

Skjald Vinotis



Fourth Age

They had existed as a horde since 750, when various herding families bonded and gained control of the most Eastern of the Five Plateaus of Efron. Up through the Age of Hordes, they made their marks in time. But it was not until the eldest son of King Navallo Udamiir had to abandon princely child-life at 9 and climb the throne that they rose up amongst the horde ranks.

His father’s assassination in 1175 by a rival grasping for the crown of Efron. He forced Nefius to adopt the role of king, and within a few years he had surprised every advisor and bested every rival. So, in 1180, they had crushed all rivals, controlled all five plateaus, and several surrounding states as well. Around 1200, they were governing as good as all Markeoy and trading in Combat Herbs; they made a fortune.

Skjald Sejrik


They joined the 1st Alliance and backed up The Realm and the High King. Well, at least they did so in public, but behind the scenes, many plots unfolded that would strain their bonds with the 1st High King. Especially the involvement with the Triad Traders, and those combat herbs, took their toll on things. The dealings with and support of Kinoblin another, but most were fooled by those, so it was but a drop in the mug.

Skjald El Mary


Having supported the foreigners pre The Great Invasion, they deeply regretted this role and quickly sided with their own when Invaders surged forth. In this war, they marched in splendour from every town, remedied every slight mistake ever made, and paid every due ever made. They gave themselves fully, far more than most, and in 1281 almost all their banners died at the Battle of Weeping Plains. They displayed great bravery and have earned eternal honour for their outstanding deeds.

Since the end of the Cleansing Crusade, they went back to Efron and are now trying to restore the Country, as a first step towards a united Markeoy.

Skjald Ulrich



They are led by a king, but as Nefius only had a daughter, and she has been missing since The Scorched Dawn, it is unclear who leads them, if any at all.

Skjald Sigurd



Their nobles surely know… that caves, rooms, and coffers glow…

With herbs, gems, and gold… packed full of getting old.

Skjald Kazumix

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