Age of Hordes



“Some Heroes and Tribes leaders managed to unite and raise their lot far above the rest. Shining forever in glory.”

Skjald Sigurd



The Age of Hordes as such goes back to around 650 Second Age, where some families began to outshine others of their tribes. These families became cultural beacons, as well as rules and law determining factors, to such extent that their entire Tribes followed them no matter what. Of course there already where some Hordes around, as xan ve read in annals of the Gyron Lords library.

But it was arount then that the ‘family head or Hero’ trend began to spread, as the clever or powerhungry quickly adopted the powershifts of neighbour Tribes, Clans or worn out Hordes. From the Gyron Lords library we actually have a increased information amount about this period. As new leaders also worked hard to ensure their settings and thus often hired Monster Hunters.

Age of Hordes golden era is considered to be 800 SA up until 1250 when The Realm was formed and law making power shifted from local rulers to the High kings Court at Grimsborg. From then on they slided into the growing embrace of Law of The Realm and lost their significance.

Skjald El Mary



Generally Hordes are ruled by Nobility, having a final word on anything and owner of all land, property, livestock, etc.

Skjald Vinotis



A few Hordes like Dawn Reborn saw this age come and pass, yet remained unaffected.

Skjald Ulrich

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