“Once a glorius jewel of one of the Hordes great Kings, Nefius, its now almost dissolved into a warring mess—only kept at bay by the T'Aurs and the remains of Holy Star Order.”

Skjald Vinotis



Before the downfall of Ljostari and the eruption of Mt. Vula Markeoy were almost one and a half times its current size. But great lands south-southwest of Exicota, Vizirgina, Braburg, and Obran, sank into The Deep Blue. In fact, Markeoy was the island struck the hardest, aside from Ljostari. But it recovered; Markeoyans always do no matter what life brings.

And life had brought them many things: Wanderers, Mt. Vula’s eruption, several empires, The Realm, The Great Invasion, and the Cleansing Crusade. Not to mention several great storms with winds so hard that cries all the way from Outlands could be heard—or so they said. Anyways, they always recover and are currently trying to rebuild the order between Nobility and the common people. But not all are keen on that burden once again, and the ideas, like for example, the Free City of Muldum are beginning to take root across the Isle.

Wildlife specials are the skin of Silver Seals.

Mineral Specials are Serandite. and Gold.

Skjald El Mary





Some of their kings are still adhering to the Cleansing Crusade as it gives them an excuse to gain more power for themselves. Others are trying to rebuild the realm, and Nefius, of course, despite his old age, is still trying to restore his house to its former glory and grasp of Markeoy. Reminding me that he owes me a round of ale, waiter…

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Chew a bite… gulp a drop… smear a cream…

Wounds won’t smite… bodies won’t drop… and mouths won’t scream…

Skjald Kazumix

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