“Once a glorius jewel of one of the Hordes great Kings, Nefius, its now almost dissolved into a warring mess -only kept at bay by the Minotaurs and the remains of  Holy Star Order.”

Skjald Vinotis



Located as the eastern Isle of the Realm, with several interesting Countries, Braburg to housing both the Holy Star Order out at he Star Peninsula, and the only known island of Minotaurs in the Bay of Braburg. Efron being the country where the Triad Traders have their main office. Skium being the only country inside the Realm where a mayor was allowed to run a free city. And Obran being the easternmost country of all in the Realm.

Wildlife specials are the skin of Silver Seals.

Mineral specials are Serandite and Gold.

Skjald Kazumix


Island of Markeoy are the home of four of the greatest rivers in the Realm.

In Skium Nipapids Rivlets originate at the northern side of Mt. Azül and at Lurzadils Dunes it splits into two. One part floating westwards across Paletonys Plateau and down into Hummerum Lowerings. From which it cuts narrowly through Brownberry Heights and flows gently down through Mangdal Valley, eventually pouring out into the Gabo's Strait. The other part flows down alongside the Azül Brannochs out into Pinkberry Plains. From those wetlands, it floats into Whoktor's Hills, cutting a narrow deep stream that eventually floats out into Lake Muldu right next to the Free City of Muldum.

Mt. Azül is also the origin of Kirby's Waters, a small Creek that runs down the wastern side. As it floats on several smaller springs and creeks adds to the stream making it a large River when it pours from rocks into Bolog Foothills and Rash-Hish Valley. From where it goes all across Efron and continue into Vindalls Plateau. Where it gives birth to Wrondyr's Waterfall plummeting down into Frond's Pond and Frond's Siblings, after which Lake Lamip adds to the waters and it floats out into Gabo's Strait.

Mt. Azül has many nicknames, one of them is Mother of Waters, due it being the origin of tree major rivers of  The Realm. At the south side, in Braburg the Turquoise Creek has its offspring  which floats down into the Green Dunes where it merges with the less watery Cobalt Run coming from Mt. Cobaldy. As they merge they strengthen their force and cuts through the rugged Foothills of Maar and flows down into Maar Lowlands. After which it becomes steeper with strong currents plummeting down into Lake Azuris and Lake Litham before floating out into Rabuns Fjord.

The only major river at Markeöy not originating at Mt. Azül is Wickram River which originate at the western side of Orwoll's Heights where it falls down into Ulbur's Plains watering the main agricultural areas of Obran. At the southers plains it chews through Einnas Ridge and pours out into Pebron Plain and ends it run out into the East Ocean

Skjald Ulrich

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