“One of the most historical spanning countries, with original Markian, Realmar, and N-Erectus.”

Skjald El Mary



Dark Ages

As the Archaic, N-Erectus, and Indigenous races began to fill The Void, Boriac, Wickeryadi, Thursar, and the Gods, all began to teach them their knowledge and worked to group them so they were easier to study.

This resulted in many Void Garden seeing somewhat familiar races, Tribes, and Cultures move in. Yet, some stayed at their cradle of birth, despite the hints, pressure, and takeover attempts. But, against the force of the Divine, mortal struggle is in vain. So when the divine decided to reform the void and create the World. Most were separated so that conflicts would lessen and people could feast more—reminding me that, oy, more ale!

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


First Age

When the divines created our world, darkness swallowed everyone and everything, as Astral leaks could not illuminate the sky anymore. Those of Drakk Alfar, Dwarves, Fautyr, Kobold, Ljost Alfar, T'Aurs, and Sealkin had the advantage of nightvision. Thus, the first time of first age was unpleasent for Humans.

Then suddenly, a Sun and a Moon rose and sailed the sky. Cheering up the Archaic, Clovincaz, Common, Mawmen, Markian, Moss'ari, and Ogryl tribes.

A mood that kept high despite all the quarrels, skirmishes, and wars unfolding during the age. It was not until the arrival of Vampire and the following disaster, the 1st Cataclysm, that mortals realised how vunrable and powerless they actually were. The disaster consumed large areas of the Isle and destroyed hundreds of tribes. Thousands died to no avail because it all got so chaotic that everyone had to join in to stop the building disaster. Allowing the vampires to emerge as the victors.

Skjald Sejrik


Second Age

Times passed and the disaster became a legend, vampire events a rarity, and many of the other races were distant and remote tales to most humans. An established system of those tribes here and those tribes there shaped the vast lands of Markeoy. Until the day, some longships filled with Wanderers flushed the shores and claimed land for their Settlements. These newcomers heralded a new age.

Skjald Sigurd


Third Age

The newcomers, all because of some god of theirs, were from three different races: Rimzir, Jomzaar, and Vular. All eager to secure footholds, establish trade, and share knowledge. Vulars did, though, have a nasty twist, as they did everything possible to leech information, copy, and try to improve whatever they encountered. They were also the force behind the next great catastrophe to hit the world. They attacked Dwarves, ljost alfar, and t’aurs at Ljostari. Resulting in yet another divine interaction, blowing the island up and creating both Mt. Vula and the Deep Blue Tsunami.

Skjald Valgrif


Fourth Age

As the flooding retracted, its side effects became obvious, as the Arisen suddenly walked amongst us. And soon thereafter, Liches began to emerge. And the rival quarrels grew into the Age of Hordes where it was hard to be a rural farmer or lowborn citizen. Eventually, a group of highborn and great heroes came up with the idea of a unified realm.

The 1st Alliance, High King, and The Realm became realities. The Torch, and The Great Invasion, the end of that idea and age.

Skjald Ulrich


Fifth Age

It’s still a turbulent country, almost on the brink of total dissolution.

Skjald Sejrik




Previously under the wings of King Nefius, then sworn to the High King, but now a total mess.

Skjald Vinotis



Great Spiritcallers and piles of Combat Herbs are easily found here.

Skjald El Mary

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