“The most peacefull of all of 'Zan's children lives here, if one can call any Naldar offspring that”

Skjald Sejrik



Off all Naldar’s people, these have had the most peaceful history, due the wealth of crops from The Ungil and the surrounding farmlands.

Skjald Sigurd



So close to be but a short river and a splendid waterfall, River Rumlestein springs from Ventads Peaks south side into Progtu Plateau from which it cuts thinly down the bones of Mt. Zatbul. From these cracks it once again surfaces and tumbles down the Asbalder Valley untill it hits it odd destiny, the Crevasse of Thürm und Kagzi. Which hijacks the waters leading them southwards into Lombark Highlands, from where it has chewed it way through Hewtols Heights and streams down Memdur Highlands before reaching central Seviels best farmland, The Ungil. Here it floats gently towards Butterfly Lakes serving as irrigation and transportation towards the sea. As, some counts the lake as part of the river, it should be mentioned that it spills out into the Bay of Seviels and its isles of Kyata and Valamza.

Skjald Vinotis


South-Eastern part is dominated by the huge mountains of Mt. Boyato, Azami Spire, Mt. Ainam, Mt. Umdur, Mt. Vinmar and Mt. Vanmar. And up them mountains lies Umdurs Kettle. Weat of these peaks are the Boyata Roughs and Bayla Lowlands supplementing The Ungil in feeding the Butterfly Lakes with water. Pinto Peak separate the lakes from the sea and Bay of Seviels.

To the West over at the border to Lioni is Tamran Isles and going North one meets Mt. Kanga and Mt. Lammani where one can travel through the broad Lammani Pass, more a valley to be honest, into Lioni. A tad more up Ranze Highlands shelters towards Lioni and to the East one encounter Mt. Skylar. There Lorema Hills leds North to Amzir Vale east to The Ungil.

Up north of Amzir Vale are the high mountain range Amzirs Peaks , Minza Pass and Ventads Peak

Skjald Ulrich



They follow the strict Naldar hierachy and are sworn to a higher Lord who in the end have sworn to the Emperor. Just prior The Great Invasion the four major ‘Zan House fractions and their ‘Zan Houses where;

Beasts: Abado, Nomaru, Pota
Leves: Auato, Gaika, Obi
Suns: Konda, Yama
Winds: MarantaShunti, Zagumo

Skjald El Mary



With pitchfork, flail.and pike.. they are eager to strike… friend, guest and foe… without woe…

Skjald Kazumix

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