Located as the middle-eastern Isle of the Realm, with Lioni the country reaching the farthest east.

Wildlife specials are the meat of Red Tuuna.

Mineral specials are Serandite and Gold.

Skjald Vinotis


Island of Naldar are the home of three of the greatest rivers in the Realm.

Bubbling forth at the peak of Mt. Morrup River Brakkars waters rushes down the south western side where it turns southward as it reaches the Ungoll Foothills, forcing it to zig-zag down into Merrilan Highlands where it runs north-eastward into Lake Drummod. The lake feeds the Friona Falls and as the waters plummets down into Cromnuls Crevasses it runs through the Red Shorelands until it reaches the Shore of Aktum.

Lionis Line is a river originating at Ventads Peaks between Jabos and Seviels. From there it runs southwest through Mabgyls Valley, eventually cutting itself through the Quankil Twins. There is gushes out into Lake Stabrand, 870 meters below, giving a fantastic display of colours in the mists created. The lake spills down Evermore Ridges in hard turbulent streams and slight falls until it reaches the deep Ar Pendur Pond. From here the river takes one last run through Kams Lowlands and around Birrs Bend just before it turns into a zig-zagging rush down The Trambadol Shelfs and finally pours out into Kimlops Bay.

So close to be but a short river and a splendid waterfall, River Rumlestein springs from Ventads Peaks south side into Progtu Plateau from wich it cuts thinly down the bones of Mt. Zatbul. From these cracks it once again surfaces and tumbles down the Asbalder Valley untill it hits it odd destiny, the Crevasse of Thürm und Kagzi. Which hijacks the waters leading them southwards into Lombark Highlands, from where it has chewed it way through Hewtols Heights and streams down Memdur Highlands before reaching central Seviels best farmland, The Ungil. Here it floats gently towards Butterfly Lakes serving as irrigation and transportation towards the sea. As, some counts the lake as part of the river, it should be mentioned that it spills out into the Bay of Seviels

Skjald Sejrik

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