Den Godan


BORN: 24/6 1156 FA in Seviels

RACE: Realmar

REALM: Essence

AURA: Blue

HEIGHT: 190cm



Godan of the Realm

King of le Draugr Riders

1st Hand of Murf



1156 Born

1174 Date Death Godess.

1176 Form le Draugr Riders

1230 Join 1st Alliance

1239 Meet The Pilgrim

1249 visit Ashenhall

1277 Invader sack Dueberg

1281 join Battle of Weeping Plains


“When waves crest, many dread if a sighting is Den Godans ship, because it’s seen as more bad news than a Kraken.”

Skjald Vinotis



Born in Seviels with the name Deert Genyson in a small trader town, Bergia, at the seashores south of the Butterfly Lakes and the Greystone Ridge, shielding it from the winds of the Goutar Plains stretching south-west around the lake. As the sole child of his merchant father and a renoved Goldsmith, he could spend his childhood as he saw fit. So he played boys games, studied whatever lore he could get his hands on, and socialised with everyone, even the shadiest of people he thought had something to offer regarding life and existence. As he grew, he started to develop a policy of fairness in existence and discarded those who wronged others. Over time, a few friends became close companions, sharing his thoughts and visions for a fair world. And they began ‘fixing the balance’ as they called it.

Within a few years, their reputation as fair handlers of dues had grown, as had their skills in investigation, interrogation, melee, and all those things. Some said that around his 17th birthday, they started to research magic and rituals. A path that would forever change their lives.

Skjald Sejrik


His life as a young lad, always in focus, birthed a mighty appearance, which he carried with merry elegance. Always able to charm his parents customers and silence his own, he had an easy way with people. Despite the fact that many people knew what he spent time with and what would occur if his gang felt they were wrongdoers, His politeneess overshined the dread of punishment. Maybe that was what some claim was also the source of his curse. For cursed, they think him to be with that lover of his.

Let me tell what I know of that story: one day when their crew was visiting a fella who had started to speak about the dock workers cause. Not at all for their benefit, but to position himself and gain benefits due to their labour or strikes. He whistled, and some of his rascals appeared, and there they stood, gang versus gang, eye to eye. Then the fake unionists attacked the lads, and a fierce fight broke out, with cargo hooks, billoks, knives, and more being wielded. Outpowered by the stronger adult trying to poke his eye with a cargo hook, Deert saw no other solution than to try that Magic he had only read sparsely about. So he uttered some words while trying to focus, and the head of the man exploded in a bright flash. Seeing that the rascals scattered! But another person, or should I say something, turned up, changing his life forever!

But enough for now, I’m hungry.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Around his 18th birthday, they began to change; they became less active, and it seemed as if instead of settling dues, they started to focus on physical and mental training. They began to travel across Naldar. and at rare times, Deert could be seen strolling the streets with an extremely pretty female. There was something odd about her—exotic in a strange way and with a bearing far superior to what one would have thought of such a pretty lady. It was around that time that they shifted from doing what they thought was unjust to seeing things from a greater perspective. Dues to be force-paid by their crew had to be of importance to the island, not just a neighbour or a friend. So they started travelling far more than ever before.

It was in those years of heavy travel that disaster struck Bergia, and raiders plundered and killed. Deert’s parents were among the slain; he was infuriated when he returned, and he swore an oath to slay every wrongdoer, no matter the cost. As his crew swore along with him, it said that the female he had been seen with before appeared and offered them a solution—at a price she would only reveal if they accepted the gift. Blinded by rage and trusting her due to their long friendship and maybe some affection, Deert accepted, and so did his crew. She told them to enter her ship. Following her onboard, they did set sail and took off, but as the vessel was mid-harbour, it sank, thus rewarding them with a drink of The Deep Blue.

Skjald El Mary


Suddenly, out of the cold, dark waters in the harbour of Rankir, a midsized trade town in Hokul, a ship emerged with a grim, grinning crew at its prow. As it hit and splintered into the pier, the crew sprang ashore and rushed into town. The terrified city guards did nothing, and within an hour, the crew boarded again with a man as their prisoner. Then the ship went back into the dark, cold waters, and they were gone. People soon realised that 23 sailors lay dead in the streets, all from the ship that had recently come from the south with trade goods to barter. Something must have been amiss with that crew since they would end like this.

Later, it became clear to all that the goods were raid spoils from Bergia and that the crew had blood on their hands. But their captain was neither to be found in the city nor in the waters. People at the docks that day said he was dragged along to the mystery ship, yet no one knows what became of him.

Skjald Sigurd


Had the people of Bergia not been struck with dread when the ship went under, they were for sure when it sailed into Bergia and Deert and his crew walked onto the pier with a prisoner. As they had safely left the ship, it sailed off with a smiling female looking at the crew and their prisoner. The townsfolk were uncertain what was going on, and many were scared and senseless, but seeing that captain who raided them a short while ago, they flocked. Deert proclaimed, “This man, cowardly as he is, is sentenced for his crimes by the Death Goddess Murf, me known from now on as ‘Den Godan’, and my crew known from now on as le Draugr Riders… now, lets hang this culprit!” And the crowd cheered.

After the hanging, Den Godan and his crew moved east, across Valamza Bay, and settled on the western side of Mt. Kenekaiser, in the rough hills at Kener Peninsula. There they built, some claim overnight, a castle they named Dueberg. It’s from this that they have since operated as the Hands of Murf.

Skjald Ulrich


I’ve been told that in the late 1230’s he entered in the scheme to elevate Black Oak from king of Ye Olde Zephyrs to High King of all kings as they planned to unite all kingdoms into The Realm. And in 1239 Skjald Ulrich brought a young man named The Pilgrim along to one of their secret meetings. He wanted to present this agile youngster to the noblesmen and lords present, and it is rumoured that the lad won a duel with Den Godan. No wonder, as The Pilgrim became one of the world’s most legendary meleers.

The rumours about others paying his hands are maybe fed by the fact that he was so heavily involved in the elevation of Black Oak and the institution of the High King. But I think it was because it served the ideology he formed as a lad, not the riches he later gained access to. But he did serve his friends duely, like when he travelled to Ashenhall in 1249 to discuss an important issue of political stability in West Fjella with Zizu. and where he approached and explained things to the founders of Holy Star Order.

Skjald Vinotis


Sitting at a Tilted Mug's table…

Telling Gizmo & that holy lot… what & whatsnot…

Standing up and walking out… coming back in and poking an eye so thin…

He gained what he had sowed… when that High King was crowned.

Saluted by the drowned

So many people fear that stare… but one is safe… Just beware…

Pouches heaviest… aren’t rolled… owners neither strolled.

Skjald Kazumix



In the years that followed the High Kings coronation, things became far more fair in The Realm. And there was less to do for the Draugr Riders, so they began studying magic even more than before. It’s said that they are among the foremost casters alive these days. It was a thing that greatly benefited them when The Great Invasion hit. Those invaders based on magic were overcame by melee, and those based on brute force were handled by magic. Being a Mentalist sure had its advantages. But so large were the numbers of Kinoblin that swarmed their castle that Dueberg fell and was sacked.

But those that did not fall for the last time dispersed to the shadows and have skirmished their foes since.

Skjald Sejrik



Act as the hand of the death god.

Skjald Valgrif


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