Ljosti Bronze



From The Rim to Ljostari, from Miner to Crafter. This alloy makes the swiftest, strongest weapons for gods, heroes, and Moss'ari.

Skjald Sejrik



The discovery of Ljosti Bronze is claimed to be sheer luck; others think it was a grand plot by certain gods. Enabling many Races to create Metal Objects that were harder and more durable than previously possible.

Initially, Bronze was made out of Copper and Arsenic. Either melted together or from naturally formed raw material, harvested by the Mawmen. The earliest known harvesting and processing was at the Mimziran Plateau at Darin around 5200 Dark Ages.

The Mawmen who moved to Ljostari eventually shared their secret Alloy Recipe with Kobold and T'Aurs, and Drakk Alfar. These all experimented with it and came up with the list of Ingredients for Ljosti Bronze. But it was the Moss’ari who ended up with the final touch, making it some of the most praised Alloy in our World. Even the Divine Races covet it, as it seemingly can endure eternally at the Astral as well. Ljosti Bronze is superior to Arsenic Aronze in that the alloying process is more easily controlled, and the resulting alloy is far stronger and easier to cast. Also, its refining and crafting fumes are not toxic.

Skjald Ulrich



Harvested and refined in mines at The Rim.

Skjald El Mary



Can withstand Magic

Skjald Vinotis

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