For hundreds of years they fought off Naldar Pirates but when The Realm rose it stopped -for a while.”

Skjald Valgrif



Theres so much to tell…

Since the collapse of The Realm they are also involved in the reemerged politics between the Pulvas Princes, all trying to position themselves as the next local ruler.

Its rulers are constantly trying to gain control over the small self-governing Island of  Ea. Home to Academy of Ea which up until The Great Invasion housed the most skilled Shapeshifter in The Realm.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Located as the most Eastern of the Isle, people can see the distant shores of Midgard, contours of Dalip and  mountains of The Rim.

At Mt. Giir in Oglan the River Frol springs forth and runs down into Poldas Plain from where it cuts itself through Harrums Heights out into Hilldums Falls. There it enters Daris Valley and floats out into Lorrimars Lowlands and, cutting itself through Blueberr Ridge down into the Verrondor Valley. Finally cutting itself through Grey Gate pouring out into the Basalt Banks at the shores of Lake Kerr. There the river has been straightened out in what is known as Kalmars Canal floating out into the Kopp Bay.

Skjald Sejrik


At the West side lies a mountain range, North Glian Hights and South Glian Peaks with Glians Pass. This range once separated Oglan from the lands known as Glian. With only 4 major landmarks: Glians ValleyMt. GlianGlian's Shore and Bay of Glian.

In southwest of Oglan Pollaks KettleKopps Peak and Koppland forms a remote corner.

At the Southeast lies tge large Van Het ValleyPeak LomotelloAmotel RoughsGenalaas Peak.

Skjald Ulrich


Wildlife specials are the skin of Silver HareMineral specials are Exquisite Red Marble.

Skjald Vinotis



I would be as bold as to state that the Country of Oglan as such has ceased to exist. The various areas have seen their former Nobility grasp the power vacuum since The Great Invasion. They are going hard at it, brutally enforcing and grapping areas and castles from the weak -just like in the Age of Hordes.

Skjald Valgrif



At the border between Esly and Oglan there’s currently a growing production of granite and marble due the needed rebuilding of The Realm. This has made the are a prosperous one, but also a melting pot of beggars, cut-purses and throat-slitter’s. So it’s recommended that any visitor fare with care.

Skjald El Mary

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