Zyr ‘O’ Loth


BORN: 01/01 1200 in FA Obran

RACE: Realmar

REALM: Red Mentalism

AURA: Yellow

HEIGHT: 191 cm




Captain of The Gyron Guard

Prince of Obran



1200: Born

1217: Left Gulbabur

1232: Become Malvolls Major

1239: Joins Krove Antu II

1240: Teams with Nefius

1254: Joins the Gyron Lords

1271: Made Prince of Obran


“Zyr ‘O’ Loth are said to have been created by a lignthing’s energies.”.

Skjald Ulrich



Fourth Age

This large, strong-boned child is said to have stared at the midwives and family with eyes that reflected the thunderclaps outside when it was born on a stormy day, the first of 1200 S.A., in the mountain village of Gulbabur at the eastern peak of Einnas Ridge. After that, he grinned broadly and reached out to his grandfather before anyone else.

Throughout his childhood, he spent more time Hunting and Fishing with his grandfather than playing with the other kids, which strengthened their incredibly close bond. Because of this, he was a superb Tracker and knowledgeable small-boat Sailor. But after his grandfather passed away, he completely avoided those places and started training in Weaponry. According to some, he did it in the hopes of one day running into his grandfather’s nemesis..

Skjald El Mary


Nobody knows how Zyr ‘O’ Loth’s grandfather passed away, but it’s almost certain that he witnessed someone killing him. He hasn’t met the Assassin yet, but if he had, we would all feel it because his mood would undoubtedly change. Few regular men want to train combat skills with him due to his grim determination and mood. But he has trained with the best throughout his career and has won many competitions. The most recent one he engaged in was this spring at the big fair. He engaged in combat to decide which Organisation would be given a seat in the Council of Colours on behalf of the Gyron Lords against Painbringer, who was acting on behalf of the Oktogon. It was one of his rare defeats, and I’d say it was only due to a technicality.

Skjald Vinotis


He left Gulbabur and travelled down the Wickram River long before that, in 1217. Within a week of arriving in Port Mavoll at Pebron Plain, he had joined their city guard. He rose swiftly through the ranks, becoming an officer in 1225. He quickly ascended the ranks thanks to his fighting and management skills, and in 1232 he was in charge of the entire city guard as Malvolls Major.

He gained wealth by retreating more and more into local and governmental issues. Due to his cunning and his position, he was able to determine which foreigner was responsible for the purchases of real estate in both their town and the rest of Obran. As a result, in 1239, when luck was on his side, or was it clever planning on someone’s part, King Krove Antu II of Obran noticed him and offered him a position in the court. As his good fortune developed, he relocated to the capital.

There, he slowly but steadily looked into the acquisition of real estate as well as the growth of businesses and organisations. And he started growing the covert agent network he had created in Mavoll. He had been cooperating with the foreigner’s agents all this time and had been teasing them about developing a friendship when, in the spring of 1240, ‘the foreigner’ finally came into his presence. When he immediately recognized the stranger at the inn where they were eating, the stranger nodded and said, “So you knew it was me, well, I always thought you brighter than most.” “Who else could it be Nefius,” Zyr retorted.

The two men then decided to work together to unite all of Markeoy, which would have theoretically made Zyr a traitor if Nefius had been able to read minds that day. However, Zyr did not see it that way. He might have realized his dream.

Skjald Sigurd


Had he but known… nor men or buildings shown…

Was his to own… but items to Zyr’s crow’n…

Gods know… what a show…

Skjald Kazumix


Although mostly using his own agents, Nefius cut into the Triad Traders organisation over the course of the following 13 years with Zyr’s assistance. He thus established himself as a significant force, and when King Krove Antu II tragically perished while out hunting, he was. Zyr was prepared to serve as the child king’s mouthpiece at the Second Fair of The Realm. To his surprise, a lower-class court noble named So-Ein Begir was appointed Court Councillor of the infant king Imgall Mir I. They said bad things always happen in pairs, so he was also fired from his job and replaced by Black Pelvis, a really nefarious and cunning emissary.

After being effectively expelled from court, he quickly found a new base of operations by accepting a long-standing invitation to join the Gyron Lords. According to legend, his first assignment took him to The Rim; upon his return the following spring, he joined them at the Fair of The Realm in 1254 as one of their own. He claimed to have killed a Dragon below The Rim, and he was carrying a pair of really strange, large jawbone or tooth axes. I remember that Polski and The Pilgrim both showed a lot of interest in the weapons.

He kept a close eye on who interacted with whom and how everyone behaved during the gathering. He was able to determine who was behind the coup against him in the spring of 1257 thanks to his own network still being in tact, access to the Triad Traders, and his new base. We can at least explain why he went to Grimsborg just before the High King set sail to meet Nefius. Nefius vanished for five years after a meeting with the High King.

Skjald Vinotis


Zyr ‘O’ Loth was just one of many people who took advantage of the vacuum left by Nefius’ departure, but he did so quickly and with a lot more force than anyone else. He was able to take home a sizable portion of the cake almost as his entire network was tied down for this. Though no longer interested in the crown of Obran, Markeoy as a whole is still in his sights. He focused on the young Imgall Mir I and the court officials who had earlier captured him. So when Nefius came to him once more in 1262 after being pardoned, he declined the offer.

He invested his time in securing his position in Obran, Markeoy, and among the Gyron Lords in the years leading up to The Great Invasion. And when it struck, he had managed to rise to the rank of nobleman under King Imgall Mir I and was one of the royal advisors, ready to outwit them all and put an end to the reign of the drooling lads.

I eventually had the good fortune to spend a week at his home and finally learn the history of the Dragon Jaws. It makes sense to learn that his previous fall from power caused him to act in the way he did during the unexpected encounter. The very essence of what makes him the Hero he is is that he is a man who has just lost everything, who faces unspeakable terror, and who charges his opponent rather than accepting death.

They became overpowered, though, when The Great Invasion tore down the gates to their great halls and even though he slaughtered dozens of invading Pigryn and Anurai with his Dragon Jaws. He took the young king in his hands and ran away from the overwhelming force so Imgall Mir I could ride side by side with the High King in the Cleansing Crusade, with his most dependable Zyr, now a self-made prince-brother, at the other!

Skjald Ulrich


Newer the less… he was not ‘ye bess’…

None the less… he was surely to bless…

With honor act… he realized a fact…

With trusty pact… he’s line a fact…

Skjald Kazumix



Can move much more quickly than the majority of Humans and is exceptional in combat.

Skjald Sigurd

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