Onesis Klavisson



BORN:  03/06 1189 SA in Kustu

RACE: Vular/Darim

REALM: Orange Channelling

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 176 cm




14th of The Torch


Without doubt the most tragic persona of all who joined The Torch.

Skjald Sigurd



Born the eldest son to a Jarl with some good land he became involved with trafficing Combat Herbs even before he inherited his estates. So when he began to hear rumors about the centralistic and freedom robbing plans Black Oak had. He immedieatly began working against these plans of The Realm and a High King crown on top of the narcissist head. Thus, he one day attended a meeting held by The Torch, and was spun around by the tongues of Black Pelvis and members from Deadly Assasins.

Skjald Sejrik


In 1232 Second Age he went to Ye Olde Zaphirs pretending to sell goods from his lands. But, in fact he was sent by Spadig to see if it was possible to Poison Black Oak. Somehow Onesis managed to tamper with the wrong goods and the lethal ones was brought to the house of Aragon. The resulting pushout of all foreigners came as a relief as the security was tight already and he quickly drove back home.

When the conflict broke out into the uprise against the 1st Alliance in 1248-1250 S.A., his family went all in and he even forced lowborn to grab pike, fork and mallet. During the campaign all his four sons fell, rumored to have been brutally maimed and slain by a howling berserker of Ye Olde Zaphirs -so his hate grew.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


When his side lost so went his titles, value and safe heaven. It was clear, some suspected he was one of the hands responsible for Aragons misery, so he fled. Hiding until 1249 S.A. when he accidently was at at inn when interesting travellers strolled in. Eardropped info the little he had left to bargain with so he stayed, only to find out that what might had been his ticket to a pardon or a tolerable existence. Hearing what they, the founders of Holy Star Order planned, but also that one of them was Den Godan, he prayed silently for survival. I assume that prayer was his mistake, because at the doorstep it seemed like Den Godan gained a vague halo and he turned around and slightly grinning he faced Onesis and ended the culprits existence with a whisper… “Thats for Aragons…“.

Skjald El Mary



Capable of tremendeous Mana Outburst.

Skjald Valgrif

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